Dear Coastal,

I want to share with you some GREAT NEWS!  I just found out this morning that our new building plans have finally been approved by the final person at the City of Charleston! (In my loudest, wildest, Ric Flair voice) Woo-hoo!  It has been a long and difficult process.  One day I’ll share more about that.

So what exactly does that mean and what’s next? Now we print & deliver the hard copies of all finalized and approved plans to the City of Charleston.  We put up construction fencing and pay someone from the City to verify & approve said fencing.  Final plans are then signed and stamped by the City and Building Permits issued  And then construction begins!

Technically, it’s not “final” approval & building permits, in the sense that we can’t start construction tomorrow. But a HUGE hurdle was crossed today that paves the way for all of that to fall into place!  Praise the Lord!  Praise the Lord!

Like I’ve been saying, “When I know, you’ll know”, and I wanted you to hear the good news from me as soon as possible!  Spend a moment today giving thanks to God for this blessing!  Dream about the new building being filled to capacity multiple times with people needing Jesus!  Invite someone to attend our Christmas Eve service!

And then finally, consider giving a sacrificial gift toward “All In” at our Christmas Eve Service or before the end of the year!  We could not have reached this milestone today without your faithful, generous giving!  Now together, let’s work toward finishing what we started.  Remember, not equal gifts, equal sacrifice.  We can’t all give the same amount, but together we can all sacrificially give!  And when we do that together, that’s when God shows up and does a miracle!

I love you Coastal!

Pastor Chris