Okay Coastal, it’s time to do again what we do best – love our community! I got this message this morning from the Guidance Counselor over at Oakland, “Hey Pastor Chris! I might need some help! We have some tags left on the Oakland Angel Tree and a family turned in their request list yesterday. I hate to keep asking the teachers to spend more money. Did you have any members that wanted to help but didn’t get the chance to get a tag?”

So, I’m sure you know exactly what I did! I went over and took ALL the remaining Angel Tree Tags! We actually had LOTS of people this past Sunday who didn’t get a tag. I know it’s late notice. It would be great to get this stuff by Sunday, but since it’s late we can bring the gifts over no later than Wednesday morning (you could drop everything off here at Coastal by Tuesday).

So, here’s what I’m asking you to do: call the office today by 4:30pm to verbally be given your Angel Tree card information – 843-571-1777. We will then check off that card. If after 4:30pm, call my cell phone – 843-442-8820 – and I’ll give you your card information. Again this is a great way to love and serve the families right in our very own community – to love our neighbors! Share this message! Help get the word out! Now – let’s hear that phone ring all day today!