Dear Coastal,

We’ve had such a great start to LIFE Groups!!  If you’re not in one yet, it’s still not too late to sign up!  While there are multiple ways to sign up, you only have to sign up ONE TIME, ONE WAY!  1.) You can view the LIFE Group Catalog and sign up online.  or 2.) There will be several tables in the back of the auditorium with all the different sign up lists – you can sign up there.  Once you sign up, your LIFE Group Leader will reach out to you.

Keep praying for our Big Day on October 1st.  Pray for your ONE and everyone our church will be reaching out to with invitations.  Pray for my message.  Pray for our Staff and Volunteers.  In fact let’s pray like it all depends on God!  Beg Him to use you and our church to draw people to Himself.  And then let’s work and serve and reach out and invite like it all depends on us!  Reach out to everyone you know – friends, neighbors, family, co-workers.  Use your Social Media.  Use our Invite Cards.  And together, let’s walk by faith and trust God with the results.    

A Few Updates:
Julie Kelly has been serving as my Administrative Assistant for over 5 years now.  I jokingly tell people all the time that she’s “the Wizard behind the curtain” (Wizard of Oz reference)!  In other words, she the one who makes this thing work.  In fact on Sunday mornings when people ask me a question, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “See Julie.”  Well, everything and everyone has a season, even employees.  If you haven’t heard yet, Julie has accpeted a position at James Island Christian School as their new Preschool Director.  Before Julie came to Charleston she ran a very large and very successful Preschool in Maryland.  This is a great opportunity for Julie and we’re all very happy for her and very proud of her.  In fact, her daughter teaches there and her grand kids go to school there.  The good new is, she’s not leaving Coastal, just changing jobs.  We’ll still see her smiling face on Sunday’s and see her serving in various ministries.  However, I just couldn’t miss an opportunity to thank her in a more public way for her faithful service!  Not only has she been the very best of employees, but she’s been a good friend and a part of my family!  She has helped to make me a better Pastor!  The good news is that Julie and Ashley Hojnacki have been serving together as quite the dynamic duo for some time now.  Ashley has already stepped up to “Chief Wizard Behind the Curtain” and is now being joined by Rachel Speer!  Wow what a Team!  When you see Julie, thank her and congratulate her!  And now if you have any questions . . . see Ashley!

– If it’s been a while since you’ve visited our website, drop by and check it out –!  We are unveiling a brand new look!  It’s definitely picture driven and get this – all the pictures are actually real pictures of us (not stock photos)!  A big shoutout goes my daughter-in-law, Lizzy Rollins, our photographer!  She’s responsible for all of our Social Media photography and now our website!  Check out her own site at:

– Last week I asked you to please pray for Matt Beam as he was having a tumor removed from one of his kidneys.  The surgery went well.  The next step, was patiently waiting on the pathology.  Kathy called yesterday with the GOOD NEWS – the tumor was BENIGN!!  Matt has been feeling stronger everyday and now they are waiting to hear about next steps.  They are grateful, humbled, and overjoyed – and so are we!  Feel free to send Matt a note at:

Josh & Carson Boyd’s home is almost completely dried out from the storm/flood!  They have been overwhelmed with the support from friends, family, and Coastal!  If you are interested in helping with the remodeling phase or helping financially, you can reach out to them at:

Friday’s 5:

  1. Looking for an awesome place to serve?  Have some available time during the week?  Consider joining our “Monday Morning Follow-Up Team” or our “Super Service Friday Team.”  The Monday Team meets on Mondays from 9-11am.  The Friday Team meets Fridays from 10:30am-12:30pm.  Both of these Teams are essential to accomplishing what we do on Sundays!  If you’re interested in serving, simply respond to this email or sign up on your Connect Card on Sunday.  If you’re a mom with small children, we’ll even provide Child Care (just let us know the ages and number of children).

  2. Sunday, October 1st is going to be a BIG DAY at Coastal!  We’ll be kicking off a new series, “After God’s Heart.”  It’s a series about the life of David.  Begin praying now about who you will invite and bring!  Pray for your ONE!  There will be Tailgating, Food, Jump Castles, Kona Ice, and Baptisms! 
  3. WE NEED TAILGATERS for our Big Day, Sunday, October 1st.  Respond to this email or sign up on your Connect Card on Sunday if you’d like to participate. 
  4. On Sunday, October 1st, after each service, in the center of all the Tailgating Tents we’re going to have an outdoor Baptism Service!  You can sign up to get Baptized on our website, on your Connect Card, or simply respond to this email. 
  5. It seems like it’s a long way off, but we need to get the WAVES Student Ministry Silent Auction & Dinner on your radar.  The date will be Friday, November 17th, 6:30pm-8:30pm.  All the proceeds go to the Winter Retreat.  The reason you need to know about it now is that Ryan needs to start collecting a list of goods/services/items that you might be willing to donate for the auction.  If you have something to donate, you can sign up on your Connect Card or email


Pastor Chris

P.S.  Don’t forget, you can support the ministry of Coastal any time and any where by giving through our website, our app, or through TEXTing (843-277-8337).  Coastal is fully funded by the generous, consistent giving of it’s members – YOU!  I want to thank those of you who remained faithful in your giving through the Summer and even when we had to cancel our service due to the storm!