Dear Coastal,

Woohoo!  This Sunday is LIFE GROUP SUNDAY!! Which means that you get to check out all the different groups, meet the Leaders, enjoy some great food, have a blast and MOST IMPORTANTLY – SIGN UP FOR A LIFE GROUP!  You can also go ahead and check out our 2018 Winter/Spring Semester LIFE Group Catalog online and sign up from our website!  By the way, our LIFE Groups are for everyone – whether you’re a member of our church, an occasional attender, or even if you’ve never attended on a Sunday.   We’re called Coastal COMMUNITY Church and you (and your friends and family) are a part of our community.  So spread the word and invite someone to join you!

I want to let you know about our next series starting on Sunday February 11th!  I’m really excited about this series!  It’s called, “Financial Freedom” (and no, don’t worry it’s not all about giving)!  We’re going to talk about things like, “How Do I Find Financial Peace? How Do I Overcome the Desire for More?  How Do I Get Out of Debt?  How Do I Save in this Economy?  How Do I Make Wise Financial Decisions?  How Do I Honor God with My Finances?  How Do I Live Like No One Else?”  I read the prayer requests every week, trust me, we all need this.  This series has the potential to make a huge IMPACT not only in our church, but in our community!  And as a part of the kick-off of this series, we’re doing a “Debt-Free” Giveaway – where we give away $500 to help pay down someone’s debt (one person in each service)!  Start spreading the word now – invite & bring your ONE!

Friday’s 5:

  1. “Covered In Love” – As a part of making an IMPACT in February, we’re collecting filled out Valentines and blankets now through February 14th (you can drop the items off at the church) to be distributed to a local Assisted Living Center.  We’re also looking for Volunteers to deliver them on Valentine’s Day!  Contact Kiersten Brown for more information – 918-798-7299 or
  2. Want to feel more comfortable in sharing your story and your faith with people God puts in your life?  Want to feel like you’re ready and prepared to make an IMPACT?  Then sign up for our IMPACT Seminar, Friday night, March 9th, 6pm-9pm at the church. We’ll provide childcare and food!  Sign on up on your Connect Card or respond to this email (we already have 38 people registered!). 

  3. Make an IMPACT in our community by coming to “Saturday Serve!”  The first Saturday of each month (beginning next Saturday, Februrary 3rd, 8:30am) we’ll gather at the church and then send off groups of people to serve, help, assist different organizations in our community.  This month, we are collecting any and all Thrift Store Donations (furniture, household items, basically anything you’re getting rid of).  There will be a truck here to collect everything from 9am-12noon.  Those donated items are collected to raise funds for families at My Sister’s House.  So even if you can’t stay, come by and drop off your “stuff”!  Contact Kiersten Brown, for more information: or 918-798-7299.

  4. Interested in offically making Coastal your church home?  Our next Membership Class is Saturday morning, February 3rd, 9am-12noon.  Childcare and refreshments provided. You can sign up online, on your Connect Card on Sunday, or respond to this email.

  5. Our next Necomer’s Reception is Sunday, February 25th, immediately after our 11:15am service (it’s only about 30 minutes).  Childcare and pizza are provided.  You can sign up for our Newcomer’s Reception on our website or simply by responding to this email now.  This is a great opportunity for anyone new to Coastal to meet our Staff, our Ministry Leaders, and learn more about Coastal!  It’s a great introduction to Coastal!

Making an IMPACT!

Pastor Chris

P.S.  Today is my Beautiful Bride Janet’s Birthday!  She’s not on social media, so feel free to wish her a Happy Birthday via text or email – or 843-442-8299.