I’m really looking forward to preaching this week!  I am rested, focused and ready to go!  During the month of August I’ve been able to take a nice little preaching break for several Sundays thanks to Ryan & Scott.  It’s been good for me, good for them, and good for our church.  In fact, last week we took off early for Labor Day Weekend and stayed at a cabin on a lake about 50 minutes from Clemson!  Janet took her sewing machine and worked on a few projects (relaxing for her).  We both took books and caught up on some reading.  I canoed and fished on the lake.    And yes, we drove down to Clemson for the opening game and got to tailgate with good friends!  There was no internet or cell phone coverage at our cabin, and it was GLORIOUS!  But now I am pumped up and ready for what God has in store for Coastal this Fall!  Don’t miss this Sunday!  My message sets the stage for this new series and our Big Day, September 16th!  But trust me, this Sunday’s message is powerful!  Invite & bring a friend because people are going to get saved!

We kick off our new series, “Losing My Religion” next Sunday, September 16th!  Our postcard invitation to all of West Ashley, James Island, and Johns Island hits the mail next week!  Please be in prayer for the service, my message, your ONE, and all the invitations that will be made!  I hope you’ve been collecting/saving items & supplies to bring to church on that Sunday.  Remember, there will be tents outside on our campus where you can sign up to give blood to the Red Cross, bring food for our Food Bank (which is very low), bring Toys/Supplies for Operation Christmas Child, and bring old household items for Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Help us make an IMPACT in our community and our world!  Leverage all of those opportunities when inviting your friends to church.  And don’t forget, we’re having 3 services that day to make room for all our guests: 8:30am, 10am, & 11:30am!

And speaking of making an IMPACT, I’m so proud of the way our church has responded to serving over at Oakland Elementary School – 40+ volunteers!  We now have a schedule of volunteers every week sitting with students/classes during lunch, providing teachers with a “duty free” lunch each week.  Many of those volunteers will soon be moving into a classroom to volunteer.  In fact, when people in the community call the school now to volunteer, they send them to Coastal!  If you would be willing to donate 1 hour a month or more of your time and make a difference in our community, please contact Susan Cumbie or respond to this email.  For those of you who have already signed up, make sure you complete the CCSD volunteer form.

Pastor Chris

Here are this week’s “Friday 5”:

1. Our next Newcomer’s Reception is THIS Sunday, September 9th, immediately after the 11:15am service in the Welcome Center!  It’s a great next step for people new to Coastal.  You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Coastal, meet our staff & ministry leaders, and meet other new people just like yourself.  It only lasts about 40 minutes, and pizza & childcare are provided.  You can sign up online or simply respond to this email to let us know you’re coming.

2. Join us this Sunday night, September 9th, at 6pm for a special night of prayer and worship as we officially ordain Ryan Spell into full time Christian Ministry as a Pastor.  We will also have a special time of prayer for our Big Day the following Sunday!  There will be childcare and a reception following the service!  Don’t miss it!

3. Our 1st Impressions Team needs your help preparing for our 3 services (8:30am, 10am, 11:30am) on our Big Day on Sunday, September 16th!  Would you be willing to: drive a golf cart from the parking lot to the auditorium;  stand at the guest tent and welcome first time guests;  open a door before and after the service and tell people “Welcome to Coastal!”;  greet people in the parking lot, making sure they know where to go;  pass out bulletins so everyone gets a Connect Card and sermon outline;  greet people in the auditorium so people can easily find a seat?  Those are just a few spots that we need to fill for all three services!  If you are interested in serving, please respond to this email or reach out to Chris Ranew at chrisranew@gmail.com or call him at 706-941-2044.

4. Woohoo!  LIFE Groups start the week of Sunday, September 16th!  There are 3 different ways to sign up for Groups at Coastal, but you only have to sign up one time/one way.  You can sign up on your Connect Card, online from our website, or at the LIFE Group Tables in the back of our auditorium.  Go to our website, check out the catalog, and sign up for a LIFE Group today!

5. It’s that time of year again – FOOTBALL (Go Tigers!) – which also means it’s time for our Annual Coastal Tailgating Day!  We’d love to have at least 15-20 people/groups volunteer for Tailgating.  This year, if you tailgate, you won’t feel the pressure to feed everyone!  We’re going to have a couple of people designated to provide food and we’ll provide the drinks.  We’ll also have jump castles and other outdoor activities for the kids.  And then after each service, in the center of all the Tailgating Tents we’re going to have an outdoor Baptism Service!  You can sign up to get Baptized on our website, on your Connect Card, or simply respond to this email.  Also, you can sign up to Tailgate by simply responding to this email or on your Connect Card beginning next Sunday, September 16th.  Wear your Team Colors!

P.S. We’ve been praying for all of the names that people have turned in that they’re inviting to our Big Day.  I am overwhelmed with all the ONE‘s you’re reaching out to, loving, serving, and praying for.  If you have a name that you’d like for us to add to our list, simply respond to this email or turn it in on your Connect Card on Sunday.