Dear Coastal,

Easter Sunday, April 5th is now just 9 days away!  Are you tired of our countdown yet?  Well, believe it or not, we actually had someone call the church this past week and argue with us about the date of Easter.  It was an older woman who apparently had seen one of our Yard Signs and she called to tell us how dumbfounded she was that we could make such a stupid mistake because Easter, “My Dear”, is April 12th!  That’s a Southern thing – to criticize someone and call them “Dear.”  Michael assured her that we had not made a mistake and encouraged her to Google “Easter 2015.”  I’m not sure she knows what Google means, but at least she saw one of our Yard Signs!  And who knows – she just might show up at Coastal!

By the way, I love seeing all the Yard Signs around town this week and I love seeing everyone wear our “LOVE CAN” t-shirts!  Early this week I took one of our shirts to Jeff Watts in the hospital.  He’s the brother of David Watts (one of our bass players).  I knew Jeff would really like the shirt, because of the artistic nature of the shirt (the nod to Andy Warhol) and the simple message:  LOVE CAN.  Jeff was a talented man – a writer, director, and stage designer in the theater world of New York.  Jeff has been battling cancer and my Men’s Group has been praying for him for several years.  He passed away on Wednesday night.  On Thursday morning I got a text Gracen, his sister-in-law, with a picture attached.  It was a picture taken of Jeff, smiling with a friend, on his last day on this earth – wearing his LOVE CAN t-shirt!

Coastal, LOVE really CAN change the world!  I believe that!  Jeff believed that!  Do you?  If you do, then join me in praying for our community.  Join me in reaching out and inviting our friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers to church on Easter Sunday, April 5th.  Let’s open up a big ol’ can of LOVE on Charleston!

Here are my FRIDAY 5:

  1. Consider giving a special “ALL IN” offering on Easter Sunday!  For those of you who are new, “All In” is simply the name of our Giving Campaign for the new buildng.  You can help us build our new building by giving above and beyond your regular giving and designating your gift – “ALL IN” or “new building.”  No gift is too small (or too big for that matter) and every gift counts!  We can’t all give the same amount, but together we can all sacrifice and give something.
  2. On Sunday, April 12th, Coastal will celebrate it’s 25th Anniversary!  There will be one service at 10:15am and a lunch reception/party to follow!  You won’t have to bring a thing!  Just invite & bring friends to join in the fun!
  3. We need about 8 more volunteers to care for our children from nursery to kindergarten during our 25th Anniversary Service. Volunteers should be at least 16 years old to adults.  We will pay $20 for this service – 10am-Noon.  If you are interested in helping out or know someone who would, please contact Janet Rollins at: or 843-442-8299 (cell).
  4. On Friday & Saturday, April 17th & 18th, our Student Ministry (6th-12 Grade) will be joining with 6 other area Student Ministries on our campus for a special GLOW Weekend – night of Worship, day of service, cookout, and more!  See Pastor Scott for more details and information.  The event is FREE but Students need to sign up by April 8th.
  5. On Sunday, April 19th, we are having our next Baptism Service!  You can sign up on your Connect Card on Sunday, respond to this email, or sign up online.

Forever & Always ALL IN!

Pastor Chris (friend me on facebook if we’re not already friends)