Dear Coastal,

I’m sure you’ve noticed how much our Children’s Ministry is growing and the wonderful facelift their facilities received as we moved into our new building.  It’s AWESOME!  Well, Janet informs me that our Coastal Kidz Children’s Ministry (Birth-5th Grade) could use about 25 more volunteers!  That’s a good problem for a church to have.  However, I need YOU to help be the solution for the problem.

But here’s one thing I’ve learned about getting people to serve and volunteer.  Only a very small percentage of people will respond to need.  In other words, churches constantly begging people to fill a spot simply based on need doesn’t work doesn’t work longterm.  You can only pull on people’s heartstrings and show pictures of little Suzy and little Johnny without a teacher so many times.

The answer?  Creating a Volunteer/Servant Culture in the church.  Everyone who considers Coastal their church home ought to be able to answer this question, “What is my ministry?  Where do I serve?”  In other words, it’s a stewardship issue.  I serve not just because there is a need, but because I’m a follower of Jesus and followers of Jesus serve.  This is MY church family.  And my church family is stronger and healthier and has a greater impact when everyone uses their time, gifts, passions, and abilities to serve God by serving others.

So, if you are not already involved in a specific Ministry on Sunday mornings, would you please consider serving our Children (Birth-5th Grade)?  We need Teachers, Assistants, Nursery Volunteers, and more.  Even one class, one service, once a month makes a huge difference.  Simply respond to this email, let us know on your Connect Card, or contact Janet Rollins directly at 843-442-8299 or if this might be your place of service.  If you’re not sure, Janet would love to give you a tour, answer any questions you might have, and even let you observe the different classrooms.  If you discover Children’s Ministry is not your place of service, she’ll even help you find another place to serve.

All In!  Love Can! Game On!

Pastor Chris