Dear Coastal,

I have to admit – I love the week of Spring Break here in Charleston County for one main reason: MORNING TRAFFIC IS SO MUCH BETTER!  Okay, I know that was pretty random, but I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Spring Break.  If you’ve been out of town and weren’t here for Easter, I can’t wait for you to return and see our new place!

Speaking of the new place, I lied.  We’ve already begun to move the chairs!  I told you on Easter Sunday we were going to wait one week and then start moving them (giving everyone a break for Easter).  However, our Students used the facility on Wednesday night so we moved them.

Since lots of people have asked, let me explain what we’ll do each week (at least for now) with the chairs.  Immediately after the 3rd service we will ask everyone to stack the chairs (6 high).  We will line the front of the stage with a row of chairs for seating (and to keep people from sitting on the stage, scuffing the front with their shoes).  Until we move our container over and get it ready, we will have volunteers then move the stacks to the corner of the gym next to the sound booth and the exit door.  Last Sunday we put out approx. 525 chairs.  For now we will put out approx. 350 chairs.  The remainder of our chairs are already in our storage room.

So if you would like to volunteer to help move the stacks (with our chair dolly), stay or come back immediately after the 3rd service on Sundays (around 1pm).  This Saturday, around 8pm, immediately after a Student event, we will be setting the chairs back up.  We’re still trying to figure out what will be our regular system for cleaning the floor and setting the chairs up from week to week.  Some of that will depend on what we have going on that week (like the Student event on Saturday for example).  But we will keep you informed and will definitely need volunteers.  Right now it looks like sometime on Saturday will be the best time to put the chairs back out.

On another note, I’m sure you’ve noticed how much our Children’s Ministry is growing.  It’s AWESOME!  Well, Janet informs me that our Coastal Kidz Children’s Ministry could use about 25 more volunteers!  That’s a good problem for a church to have.  However, I need YOU to help be the solution for the problem.  Everyone who considers Coastal their church home ought to be able to answer this question, “What is my ministry?  Where do I serve?”  If you are not already involved in a specific Ministry on Sunday mornings, would you please consider serving our Children?  We need Teachers, Assistants, Nursery Volunteers, and more.  Even one class, one service, once a month makes a huge difference.  Simply respond to this email, let us know on your Connect Card, or contact Janet Rollins directly at 843-442-8299 or

Friday’s 5:

  1. A couple of new LIFE Groups start this week:  Men’s Basketball & Adult Co-Ed Volleyball!  Men’s Basketball is on Monday Nights, 6pm-9pm.  Volleyball is Tuesday Nights, 6:30pm-8pm, Childcare Provided on Tuesday nights for Volleyball.
  2. New to Coastal?  Like to learn more about our church and meet other new people?  Sign up for our next Newcomer’s Lunch, immediately after the 3rd service on Sunday, April 10th.  Go to our website and sign up today!
  3. We are planning a Baptism Service in our new building for Sunday, April 24th!  If you are interested in getting baptized, please let us know on your Connect Card or sign up online.
  4. A couple of WAVES Student Ministry Announcements:  this Saturday (tomorrow) 5pm-8pm, Basketball & Movie Night (popcorn & pizza) at the church.  Student LIFE Camp deposit ($60) due by April 17th.
  5. We’re having a Wedding Shower for Ryan Spell (our Youth Pastor In Residence) and Gracie Beechler on Sunday, April 17th, from 6-7:30pm.  They are registered at

All In!  Love Can!  Game On!

Pastor Chris

P.S.  We have new keys for our new building and our current building (your old key will no longer work).  If you need a key because of ministry or Groups, please see Pastor Chris or Julie.