Hopefully by now you’ve heard!  We will be gathering back in our church building for ourWorship Services and Coastal Kidz starting THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 7th at 9:30am and 11:15am (while continuing to offer our services online)!

We understand that there will be some who will prefer to still join us for worship from home, and we are excited to continue to provide excellent online worship experiences – 9:30am, 11:15am, and even 6pm.  In fact, for many that may temporarily be the best course of action.  We encourage those who are vulnerable because of pre-existing conditions or caring for those who are to continue to join us online.  We ask that anyone who feels sick or has shown any symptoms of sickness to please join us online.  But either way, in-person or online, we will extend love and grace to everyone and ask you to do the same.

For those who are returning to our building, our plan includes the following:

  • All 1st Impressions Team Volunteers will be wearing masks and gloves.  We will have hand sanitizer and hand sanitizing stations throughout the building.  We will have masks and gloves for anyone who wants to wear one. 
  • We will be asking our attendees to create space in our auditorium between families.  We will assist by spacing out our seating.
  • We will be professionally sanitizing surfaces throughout the building, including our Coastal Kidz areas, under the guidance of CDC standards. 
  • Initially (for the month of June), our Cafe will be closed, and the seating in our Welcome Center removed.  When it re-opens over the Summer it will be service only (no self-serve items).
  • We have Pre-filled/Pre-Packaged individual communion cups that will be placed at the back of our chairs.  Cups contain both the juice and bread in a single two-part sealed container.  Communion participants peel back one seal to remove the bread and then a second seal for the juice.  We WILL be taking Communion this Sunday and would encourage you to join us online (go ahead and prepare the elements).  
  • Connect Cards & Offering Envelopes will be placed in the backs of our chairs and can be turned in at the end of our service as people are exiting.  We will also make our Connect Card and Announcements available online through our App.  We will continue to encourage people to give online, through TEXTing (843-277-8337), or automate their giving through their Bank.
  • We will also have contactless entry and exit of the building with our 1st Impression Team opening and closing doors.
  • We will all enter the building through the same designated doors before the service and will exit only through all the doors after the service.  After each service is over, if you want to fellowship and connect with others, we’re encouraging everyone to do that outside so we can prep the building for the next service.

Many people have asked what will our Coastal Kidz Children’s Ministry look like?  Here are just a few of the procedures you can expect to see as well:

  • All Coastal Kidz volunteers will wear masks and gloves.
  • We will wipe down all chairs, tables, and toys after each service. We will minimize the number of toys in each room to help with this.
  • At Child Check-in, volunteers will enter the information on the iPads for stickers.
  • We will use non-contact thermometers to take the temperature at child checkin of all children admitted to Coastal Kidz and all Coastal Kidz volunteers.
  • All children will either use hand sanitizer or wash their hands before entering the classroom. For smaller children, volunteers will help with this.
  • We will space the chairs farther apart in the 1st – 5th grade class and try to keep the younger ones seated farther apart in the other classrooms.
  • VIP (Volunteer Meeting) will be outside in the pergola (weather permitting) or in the new building.
  • Our Coastal Kidz Online resources will continue to be made available.

For those of you who serve on Sunday mornings (Coastal Kidz, 1st Impressions, Security, Worship Team, Tech Team) please communicate with your Ministry Leader your availability and continue signing up for the month of June.

Coastal, I love you and I love being your Pastor!  I can’t wait to see everyone this Sunday – BOTH online AND in-person!!

Pastor Chris

P.S.  We kick off “At the Movies” this Sunday!  Every 1st Time Guest and the person who invited them (you) will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card (so you can purchase a movie rental – or anything else for that matter)!