There is no doubt that people today are hurting, hopeless, and scared.  What we’ve all seen on the news and social media is just a microcosm of how many people are feeling today.  So Coastal let’s DO something about it!  If you want to make a difference, if you want to change the world, it’s not going to happen by crafting the most shared or liked social media post.  Let me tell you where we can ALL start – SUMMER OF IMPACT!  Summer of IMPACT is all about serving and loving our neighbors, our community.  It’s a month long emphasis that kicks off every Summer at Coastal, and it literally starts today – June 1st!

Summer of IMPACT is where we as a church saturate our city with the love of Jesus through simple acts of service. One way we serve is through our partnerships with non-profit organizations all over Charleston (who need our help NOW more than ever).  We enjoy serving with the Lowcountry Food Bank, Soldiers Angels (Veteran food assistance), the Ronald McDonald House (MUSC housing for patient families), SC Strong (transitional assistance for those previously incarcerated), My Sisters House (shelter for abused women), and Lowcountry Orphan Relief.  We also have ongoing projects here at Coastal where we pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, feed the homeless and hurting at the North Charleston Tailgate, restock our Blessing Boxes with non-perishable food and supplies, and many other projects.

There are opportunities nearly every day of the month.  You simply sign-up and then show-up.  It’s that simple!  Every project has a leader and every project is well-organized.  Click on this link:  Take a look at all the opportunities.  Find the projects that are right for you and sign up today!

If you are looking to make an Impact in our community, if you want to “be” the change, this is the way to do it!  I truly believe that everyone who calls Coastal home can sign up for at least one event.  But here’s what I would also encourage you to do – invite friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers to join you!  You don’t have to be a member of Coastal to participate.  And get this, you don’t even have to be a believer to participate!  Truthfully, I think this is the best way we have to show people what a difference Jesus truly makes in our lives. So one last time – EVERYONE, GO TO THIS LINK AND SIGN UP TODAY!!
If you have any questions about Summer of IMPACT and any of the projects, please reach out to Pastor Chris Jones – (843) 870-4613.

Sure, these are dark and evil times.  But it’s times like these where the light shines the brightest!  Coastal, that’s you and me!  Let’s be the light for all the world to see!

Shining With You!
Pastor Chris

P.S.  Tonight’s event “Sewing for Kids” has been postponed (it’s actually a weekly event) due to the County wide curfew.  Other evening events will be evaluated if the curfew continues.