Hopefully, you’ve heard by now that starting THIS SUNDAY,June 7thwe’reopening up our campus again for in-person worship!  I hope you’re as excited about this as I am!  I can’t wait to see everyone!  The truth is, however, there are probably some who aren’t that excited about it.  I get it, I really do.  Some are cautious, nervous, scared, or maybe even upset.  And then there are those who are upset that we even shut down in the first place.  As you know, people are all over the spectrum on this issue, and everyone has experts on their side.  I learned a long time ago that you can’t please everyone.  My job as a leader is to prayerfully take it all in, listen to God, and to humbly, faithfully walk in the direction I believe He is leading.  My only request is that we all extend to one another the grace, kindness, and love that we hope to receive. And if we can all do that, we will stand out as a bright shining light in a very dark world.  That’s supposed to be the miracle of the church – that we love one another.  And that’s what makes Coastal so special!  So, join us in person this Sunday if you’re ready.  If not, join us online.  Either way – let’s love one another and the world around us!

And speaking of this Sunday, we’re also kicking off a new sermon series, a favorite Summer tradition here at Coastal – “At the Movies!”  “At the Movies” is where we use current or popular movies as a hook or a spring board to talk about spiritual truth.  And this year we’ll be using movies that you can watch from home on Amazon or Netflix.  In fact, instead of movie tickets, we’ll be giving away $5 Amazon Gift cards to all 1st time guests and the friend that invited them (YOU)!  This Sunday’s movie is, “Star Wars – the Rise of Skywalker,” and I’ll be talking about unity, something we all need to hear right now. 

And then on Sunday, June 14th we’re going to use the movie, “Just Mercy” to talk about racism.  In fact, get this, Warner Brothers, for the entire month of June, is offering the movie for FREE online wherever you rent or buy movies.  And I’m excited to announce that Chris Singleton will be speaking at Coastal on that day!  Chris Singleton was a professional baseball player in the Chicago Cubs organization (who played at Charleston Southern) and is an inspirational speaker who has been featured on ESPN’s E:60, Sports Illustrated magazine, and USA Today. Chris’ mother, Sharonda Coleman Singleton, was murdered along with eight other victims at Mother Emanuel AME Church here in Charleston on June 17th 2015 by a white male who wanted to start a race war in the United States. Chris inspired our city and the nation by forgiving the man who murdered his mother.  As you can see, it’s going to be a powerful day!  So start thinking and praying now about the people you’re going to invite!

I love you Coastal, and I can’t wait to see you BOTH online AND in-person this Sunday, June 7th!
Pastor Chris

Here are this week’s “Friday 5”:

  1. On Sunday, June 14th, 5pm out at Folly Beach County Park we’re having our Beach Baptism!  Come out early (traffic might be an issue) and make it a fun day for your entire family!  If you are interested in being Baptized, simply respond to this emailgo to our website and sign up online, or sign up on your Online Connect Card on Sunday.  Even if you’re not being Baptized, come on out to the beach and celebrate with those who are!
  2. New to Coastal?  Join us on Saturday morning, June 27th, at 9am for an ONLINE Zoom Newcomers Meeting that we’re calling “Coffee with Coastal.”  Join us virtually from the comfort of your own home to learn more about Coastal, meet staff and key volunteers, as well as meet some other new people, and discover next steps.  RSVP online or on your Connect Card.  You can also simply respond to this email and let us know that you’ll be attending (we will send you the Zoom link).
  3. Did you know that Coastal has a FREE App for your phone or mobile device? It’s an easy way to stay connected, see all the announcements, listen to or watch our messages, and fill out a Connect Card.  Download it today from your App Store!  If you’re searching for it, make sure you search for “Coastal Community Church of Charleston” or “Coastal CC Charleston” (There are other Coastal Community Churches around the country).  If it’s been a while since you checked out the App, open it up!  We’ve updated it and made some improvements for when we get back into the building and moving forward.
  4. On Friday night, June 19th at 8:30pm we’re going to show a FREE movie on the lawn on a giant screen!  The movie we’re showing is the Disney/Pixar movie “Onward.”  Bring your blanket or lawn chairs and enjoy the evening with your family!  Bring your own drinks and snacks – the church will provide FREE hotdogs and Kona Ice!
  5. Operation Christmas Child has grown so much at Coastal that it is now a YEARLONG Mission of our church!  Each month we will feature a “donation of the month” to help us better prepare for the thousands of boxes we will pack and wrap in the Fall.  This month (June) we are encouraging everyone to bring balls, soccer balls, pumps.  You can now drop off OCC items at church on Sunday mornings or during the week.  You can even pick up shoeboxes & wrapping paper to start wrapping shoeboxes.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Teresa Spell.

    P.S. Don’t let this June pass you by without signing up for Summer of IMPACT!  Click on this link: www.coastalcommunitychurch.org/outreach.  Take a look at all the opportunities. Find the project(s) that is right for you and sign up today. You can sign up for as many opportunities as you want. It’s easy to sign up, and it’s easy to serve. If you are looking to Make an Impact in our community, this is the way to do it!   Sign up and then show-up…it’s literally that easy.  In fact, we’d love for you to join us for Saturday Serve tomorrow at the church at 8:30am.