Dear Coastal,

I am so proud to call Charleston my home.  To quote Joseph in Genesis 50:20, “As far as I am concerned, God turned into good what you meant for evil.”  God was not the cause of what happened on Wednesday night at Emanuel AME Church.  We live in a world of sin, evil, and free will.  Left to ourselves, we all choose to go our own way and that way leads to death.  However, if we let Him, our loving God has a miraculous way of bringing good even out of evil.  What one person meant for our pain, can bring about healing.  What one person meant for our destruction, can make us stronger.  What one person did in the hopes of dividing us, can bring about unity.  What one person did in the hopes of spreading more hatred, can create a revolution of love.  At least I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that that’s exactly what the 9 people who lost their lives on Wednesday night at a Bible Study would want to see happen as a result of their deaths.  And I’m encouraged that I see pictures and hear stories of that all around our beautiful city!

I thought about ditching our series and the sermon I planned this Sunday and going a different direction.  However, it’s Father’s Day and my sermon is all about being a man, a real man, God’s man.  Truthfully, it’s a strong message that’s desperately needed today.  It’s a message that I have no doubt that Pastor Pinckney believed strongly in and proclaimed frequently at Emanuel AME through his words and his walk.  It’s a message that Dylann Roof apparently never heard, saw, or at least acted on.

Don’t miss Father’s Day this Sunday at Coastal!  If you’re a man, get your butt in church!  In fact, invite and bring someone with you.  If you have a man or are raising one, get his butt in church!  If you’re tired of settling for anything less than a Godly man, but are confused as to what that looks like, get your butt in church!

Yes, we’re going to have a lot fun on Sunday – the Kona Shaved Ice Truck will be here!  Yes, we’ll give away some cool stuff!  And yes, we’re also going to take some time to pray for our city, Emanuel AME Church, for the families of those who lost their lives, and for Dylann Roof and those like him full of hate and in need of the love of Christ.  We will also dig into God’s Word and challenge men to rise up and be the men that God has called us to be, to live a life worthy of our calling.  Don’t stay away from church this Sunday!  Don’t be afraid!  Don’t let hate win!  Let’s make Charleston known as the Holy City, not because of the number of steeples across our skyline, but because of the number of people who follow and live for Jesus!

Here are 5 other things to remember:

  1. VBS Volunteers Needed!  VBS-July 20-24th, 6-8pm.  VBS at Coastal is “All Hands On Deck!”  In other words, we need EVERYONE to help/volunteer to make it a success!  Please complete the VBS Volunteer Insert in your Bulletin this Sunday and place it in the offering plate.  We need CREW LEADERS!
  2. We’re having a Baby/Child Dedication Service on Father’s Day, June 21st during the 3rd Service (11:45am).  If you are interested in participating and haven’t yet signed up, please respond to this email.
  3. BEACH BAPTISM – Sunday, June 28th, Folly Beach County Park!  Our Students (6th-12th Grade) are having a Beach Day that same day, 1-5pm, so we’re going to join them for a Church-Wide Baptism Service at 5pm!  If you are interested in being Baptized in the ocean please respond to this email or sign up online.
  4. New to Coastal?  Interested in learning more about the church and meeting other new people?  Sign up for our next Newcomer’s Lunch, Sunday, July 12th immediately after the 3rd (11:45am) service.  Lunch and childcare provided.  You can sign up on your Connect Card or on our website.
  5. We’re already planning out our Fall Semester of LIFE Groups.  Interested in hosting, assisting, or leading a Group?  Got a great idea for a new group?  Please let us know now.  Simply respond to this email or let us know on your Connect Card.


Pastor Chris

P.S.  Going to be out of town this Summer?  Stay consistent in your giving.  Give TEXT Giving (843-277-8337) or online giving a try!