Dear Coastal,

We had two more people indicate on their Connect Card this past Sunday that they gave their life to Christ!  One was a Student, invited by a friend.  The other was a man who’s family was first invited through their children to the last Egg Drop our church did 4 years ago!  Again, Coastal, I can’t say it enough – you never know the power of a simple invitation!  Pray like it all depends on God; work, love, serve, and invite like it all depends on you;  walk by faith; trust God;  celebrate the results!  We will be lighting 2 more lights (that’s 28 so far this year!) on our ONE sign this Sunday, two more people who have crossed over from death to life!  If you didn’t get ONE this past Sunday, make sure you pick up a ONE lapel pin to serve as a reminder to pray for, love, and reach out to your ONE!

Well, it’s been 17 days, just over 2 weeks since many of you began your Easter Fast.  Honestly, this is a real critical juncture.  It might feel like there is a long way to go until Palm Sunday and yet it also feels like you’ve been in it for a while.  It’s possible Satan has already been whispering in your ear to give up.  Maybe you’ve even had a minor slip or two and Satan was right there to accuse you and tell you to give up, that you’re wasting your time.  Tell Satan to go to Hell (remember, he’s the only one you can tell that to)!  He is the father of lies!  What you are doing has eternal consequences and God is using it to do a work in you.  Don’t give up!  But remember the focus is not on the actual thing you are giving up, it’s to be directed on prayer, your relationship with God, scripture reading, scripture memorization.  And Jesus promised that God will reward you!

Friday’s 5:

  1. Easter Sunday is April 16th – just one month away!  We’ll be having 3 services – 8am (not exactly a “Sunrise Service” – but pretty early for some of you), 9:30am and 11:15am.  Basically we’re adding the 8am service.  Our mantra is come to which ever service you have guests coming to.  If it doesn’t matter, come to the 8am or 11:15am.  Start inviting now!  Leading up to Easter, we’ll have several tools for you to use to invite people and help us spread the word – yard signs, posters, invite cards!
  2. New to Coastal?  Want to learn more about the church and find out how to get connected?  Join us for  the next Newcomer’s Reception, Sunday, March 26th, immediately following the 11:15am service in the Welcome Center.  Meet other new people and our staff, enjoy a slice of pizza, and discover possible next steps.  Sign up online or on your Connect Card on Sunday.
  3. Interested in offically making Coastal your church home?  Our next Membership Class is Saturday, April 1st (no fooling), 9am-12noon.  Childcare and refreshments provided.  Sign up online or on your Connect Card on Sunday.
  4. A Missions Trip to Peru is in the planning stages!  Tentative dates are July 31 – August 8.  Please indicate on your Connect Card or respond to this email, if you are interested in going!
  5. Interested in getting Baptized?  Our next Baptism Service will be Sunday, April 23rd (the Sunday after Easter) in both services!  Sign up on your Connect Card or on our website and indicate which service you will attend.   Baptism is a great celebration at Coastal!  Use your Baptism as an opportunity to invite and bring friends, family, neighbors and co-workers!

Filled With JOY!

Pastor Chris

P.S.  Love to see some new volunteers (with our regulars!) for Chair Set-Up tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 9am.  With just 6 or more people it takes less than 30 minutes, you get to meet other people, have some fun, and serve God by serving others!