Dear Coastal,

Good Friday morning Coastal!  I sincerely hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!  For those of you who have had some time off this week from work, I hope you got to spend time with family, have some fun, relax and refresh.  I know many of you are out of town and will be traveling back to Charleston this weekend.  I’ll be praying for safe travels.

Let me begin by saying what an awesome Christmas Eve we had at Coastal!  Our attendance was 675 with over 400 of those in the first service (we had to bring in more chairs)!  Next year we’ll definitely go back to tickets, so we can get a better feel for how many people will be in each service.  We had almost 40 1st & 2nd Time Guests turn in their Connect Cards!  I just LOVE when someone from Coastal comes up to me and introduces me to their guests!  I LOVE hearing about some of you trying your best to fill a row!  Most importantly 4 people indicated that they renewed their commitment to Jesus and 2 more people gave their life to Jesus!  Woohoo!  That’s what it’s all about Coastal!  That’s why we do what we do!

Oh and let me say that as a result of this past week’s offering, we are REALLY CLOSE to reaching our goal of $60,000 for our Christmas Offering!  I’m going to hold off telling you the grand total until after January 14th (the last Sunday to give), but let’s just say that we’re very close.  For those of you who want your offering to go toward your 2017 Giving Statement, this Sunday, December 31st is obviouslly your last Sunday to give.  Anything given after this Sunday will go toward your 2018 Giving Statement.  Our entire offering on Christmas Eve went toward the Christmas Offering total, but from here on out, remember, please use the designated word “Christmas” to give toward the Christmas Offering.  I’m always blown away by the generosity of our church!

This Sunday we’ll be wrapping up our “Grateful” series.  On January 7th, the first Sunday of the New Year, we’ll be kicking off a series called, “IMPACT”.  The word IMPACT is our theme for 2018 – making an impact with our lives in our church, our community, and our world!  The series will be specifically about how to share your faith with the world around you and make an IMPACT!  Don’t miss it!

Friday’s 5:

  1. Remember, there will only be ONE SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE this Sunday for New Year’s Eve at 9:30am.  If you’re out of town or home sick, don’t forget you can always catch our services live online at
  2. If you are interested in leading, assisting, or hosting a LIFE Group in the new semester of 2018, please let us know now on your Connect Card or contact Pastor Scott at
  3. Interested in going public with your faith through Baptism?  Never been Baptized by immersion?  Respond to this email, sign up online, or sign up on your Connect Card on Sunday to be Baptized on the first Sunday of the New Year – Sunday, January 7th.
  4. Don’t forget that Coastal has a fully stocked Food Bank.  If you or any one you know is in need (especially over the Holidays), please drop by and pick up some food.  Spread the word!
  5. There will be a Security Team Meeting on Saturday morning (TOMORROW), December 30th, 9am in the auditorium – and we’re serving you BREAKFAST!  This meeting is for all current Team members and those interested in serving.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Pastor Chris

P.S.  Don’t forget – only ONE SERVICE THIS SUNDAY, NEW YEAR’S EVE, AT 9:30AM!