Dear Coastal,

Most of you, at some point have heard my personal testimony, my story.  You’ve either heard it in a sermon or you’ve heard part of it at a Newcomer’s Lunch.  In fact, if we’re Facebook friends you might have read what I posted yesterday.  Yesterday was my 35th Birthday – no, not my physical birthday (although, I know I don’t look at day over 30 – haha), but my Spiritual Birthday, my Re-Birth!  That’s right 35 years ago, yesterday, I gave my life to Christ!  I actually had the honor of speaking at the same Camp yesterday, where I gave my life to Christ – same Camp, same ailse that I walked down, same night of the week.  To say that it was a humbling, overwhelming spiritual experience is an understatement.  35 years!  And it all started because a friend invited me to church!

Spend some time this weekend remembering your “Spiritual Birthday”.  When did you give your life to Christ?  What were the circumstances surrounding your “Birthday”?  And then, don’t ever forget, there are people all around you, who need to hear your story.  Open your eyes, open your heart, and then yes, open your mouth and invite someone to church.  You never know what a difference a simple invitation just might make.  That invitation, 35 years ago, literally changed my life forever and for all eternity.  And not just my life, but consequently the lives of countless others, yours in fact.  We are on a mission Coastal, all of us, to share and experience the LIFE of Jesus with the world around us.  We don’t just go to church, we ARE the church!  Be the church.  Be the hands and feet of Jesus where you work, where you live, and where you play.  Pray for people.  Serve them.  Love them.  Share your story.  Share your faith.  Invite them to Coastal.  And then leave the rest up to God.  We are not responsible for their response, but we ARE responsible for our witness and for the invitation.  Seriously, what’s the worst thing that could happen?  They say no?  Come on, don’t let a possible no, keep you from making the ask.  The truth is, they just might say yes!

And speaking of inviting someone, don’t miss Father’s Day, this Sunday, as another great opportunity to invite and bring someone to church!  It’s going to be awesome – child/baby dedication, gifts for all the men, Bar-b-que Sliders, and a Photo Booth for you and your family & friends!  And as always, there will be great worship, a great message, and a great experience for our children!  Don’t miss it!

Friday’s 5:

  1. The dates of VBS this year are July 11-15, 6pm-8pm, 4 year olds – 5th Grade.  Pre-register your child/children NOW!  VBS is a life changing experience!  Remember, if you change a child’s life – you change the world!
  2. Friday Night FREE Family Movie Night, Friday, June 24th, 7pm at the church.  We’ll be showing the classic “Finding Nemo.” Come to our new facility, bring lawn chairs or blankets, and watch the movie with your entire family on our Big Screens!  We’ll provide popcorn, nachos, and hotdogs – all FREE!  And we’ll give away a few prizes!  It’s going to be awesome!.
  3. New to Coastal and would like to learn more about Pastor Chris and the church, discover how to get involved, and meet other new people?  Then join us for our next Newcomer’s Lunch on Sunday, June 26th, immediately following the 11:45am service (approx. 1pm).  Sign up online, on your Connect Card or respond to this email.
  4. Not only at Coastal do we feed a lot of people on Sunday morning through our Cafe, but we feed a lot of people in our community throughout the week through our Food Pantry.  However, our Food Pantry is getting low.  If you would like to help us restock our Food Pantry and feed the hurting in our community simply drop off any non-perishable food items on Sunday morning or throughout the week.
  5. Our next BEACH BAPTISM is July 16th, 4pm at the Baptist Beach House right on Folly Beach (1017 W. Ashley St., near the Folly Beach County Park).  Sign up online, on your Connect Card or respond to this email if you are interested in getting Baptized!  Come out to Folly Beach for a church wide picnic, an afternoon of fun, and a great celebration!  We’re going to provide the meat, but we’re asking everyone else to bring drinks and a side to shaire.

All In!

Pastor Chris

P.S. Don’t forget, there will only be one service on Sunday, July 3rd, 10:15am.