We just unveiled our 2019 Fall Semester LIFE Group Catalog (it’s available online)!  We would love for you to check out all of our different Groups and join one this semester (only 8 weeks)!  By the way, our LIFE Groups are for everyone – whether you’re a member of our church, an occasional attender, or even if you’ve never attended on a Sunday.   We’re called Coastal COMMUNITY Church and YOU (and your friends and family) are a part of our community.  

By the way, all of our LIFE Groups this semester are participating in the same study.  It all goes along with our sermon series this Fall called, “Daring Faith – the Key to Miracles.”  How about you?  Are you in need of a miracle?  Would you like to grow in your faith and experience the adventure filled life you were always meant to live?  Join us this Fall!  

The “Daring Faith” series and our LIFE Groups all kick off Sunday, September 22nd.  Since all of our groups are doing the same study, you are simply signing up for a day/time and location.  There are 37 Groups to choose from  – all over Charleston, every day of the week! 

Not only can you view the semester catalong online, but you can sign up for a Group online! Once you sign up for a group, your Group Leader will contact you before the semester begins.   In fact, this Sunday is LIFE Group Sunday!  LIFE Group Sunday is kind of like a College Fair or Job Fair.  There will be a big tent outside on our campus filled with 37 tables representing all the different LIFE Groups this semester.  You’ll be able to meet the leaders, meet other people signing up for your group, and enjoy some great snacks!  Most importantly, you’ll be able to sign up for a Group!  Don’t miss it! 

Have a great week!  Hope to see you on Sunday!

Daring to Step Out In Faith With You!

Pastor Chris