Woohoo!  It’s finally here!  THIS SUNDAY, November 10th, is “Commitment Sunday”!  For the past 3 months we have met together, talked together, prayed together, learned together, and hopefully grown in our faith together.  And this Sunday we are going to put all of that into practice and sacrificially give and make a 3 year commitment to totally renovate and expand our Coastal Kidz Building and our Welcome Center/Atrium space.  Simply put, this project will enable our church to continue to grow and reach the next generation for Jesus – to leave a legacy for future generations!

So here’s what I need you to bring to church on Sunday:

1. Your Sacrificial Offering.  Hopefully, by now you have prayed and decided what you can sacrificially give.  Make sure you mark it, “DaringFaith.”  If you write a check or use an Offering Envelope, earmark it, DaringFaith.”  If you are using the card swiping machine, tap the down arrow underneath the amount and in the Description write the word, “DaringFaith.”  If you are texting to give (843-277-8337), use the keyword, you guessed it, “DaringFaith” (one word).  

2. Your signed “Commitment Card”.  These are very important.  Your Commitment Card has 3 very important components:  the amount of your sacrificial gift, your 3 year commitment, and the grand total.  Your gift plus the commitment equals your total.  When you are giving toward your Daring Faith commitment over the next 3 years, again, simply use the words, “DaringFaith.”  If you’ve lost your “Commitment Card,” you can pick one up and fill it out on Sunday.  If you can not be here this Sunday, you can drop off your offering and your Commitment Card anytime between now and November 15th, as we want to be able to announce the Grand Total on Miracle Sunday, November 17th!  You can also fill out your Commitment Card online.

3.  Your “Daring Faith” Offering Bank.  For those of you who have been collecting change and filling up your Offering Bank, there will be a large container to empty your bank in the Child Check-in area.  There will be other containers set up in the auditorium at the front of the stage for your Sacrificial Offering & your Commitment Cards.  Instead of passing the blue “Offering Buckets” at the end of the service, we will be inviting everyone at the end of my sermon during the Response/Communion time to come and give your offering, your commitment card, and empty your bank into containers at the front of the stage.  It will be an historic moment in the life of our church!

Some of you still don’t know how much you’re supposed to give, and you’re worried about it.  Stop worrying!  Instead do this:  1. First of all, pray.  Just open your heart to God and say, “Lord, put a figure in my mind that will represent a genuine sacrifice.”  2. If you haven’t done so already, sit down with your family and together, in your Daring Faith Magazine, go over the Guide For Discerning God’s Will In Deciding Your Giving Commitment.  3. If you’ve never tithed before, start there, “God, I’m going to give you the first ten percent.” Make your “Daring Faith” commitment and start tithing. That’s a great way to get started.

Remember, it’s “Equal Sacrifice, NOT Equal Gifts.”  We can’t all give the same amount, but we CAN all make a sacrifice.  And don’t forget, every gift/commitment card counts, every gift/commitment card matters.  Don’t allow Satan to trick you into not participating because you think yours doesn’t matter.  It does!  If you consider Coastal your home, if you have been blessed at all by the ministry of our church, I challenge you to be a part of what God is doing through us so that together we can leave a legacy for the next generation and beyond.

Daring to Believe With You!
Pastor Chris