Dear Coastal Family & Friends,

This past Sunday, I explained that for several years prior to last year at this time, we announced plans for our Annual Christmas Offering.  Each year we challenged our church, during the months of November and December, to give above and beyond their regular giving and to make a sacrificial gift toward our Christmas Offering. Many people, during this time of year, are in fact looking for charitable opportunities to give.

Each year the money went to the ministries & projects that we believed gave us the greatest opportunity to make the greatest eternal impact.  For example, because of the Christmas Offering we were able to fund the Charleston Egg Drop, Easter Outreach, Student Ministry, Children’s Ministry, updating our website, & VBS.  We were also able to remodel and expand the Women’s Restroom and roof our entire facility.

Because we just started our “All In” Giving Campaign in October of last year and because it is a 2 year campaign, we did not do a Christmas Offering last year and we will not be doing one this year.  However, what we are doing is encouraging everyone to give toward our “All In” Campaign.  Our “All In” Campaign is all about the new building that we hope to get started on here at the close of 2014.  It is a 12,000 square foot multi-purpose building that will seat approx. 450 people!  It is a tool that will enable us to continue to grow and reach more people.  It will have a huge immediate positive impact on all of our ministries.

For those of you who have been and are currently giving – thank you!  We could not have accomplished all that has happened this year without you!  Continue to give faithfullly!  For those of you who are new or who have not yet started giving toward “All In”, I want to challenge you to start during the Thanksgiving/Christmas Season.

In fact, just like the beginning of our “All In” Campaign and just like our Christmas Offering, I want to challenge you to make an end of the year sacrificial gift.  Thanksgiving & Christmas are all about giving.  Some people will choose to give along the way, week by week during November & December.  Others of you will wait to give one large gift at one of our Christmas Eve services.  Our entire offering on Christmas Eve will go toward our “All In” Campaign.

How Can I Give Toward “All In”?  It’s simple to give toward “All In”.   In fact, you can use all the ways we currently have to give at Coastal:

  1. You can use our Offering Envelope provided in your bulletin on Sunday morning.  Simply fill in the amount in the grey box next to “Building Fund” and place it in the offering plate.  Or you can take home your Offering Envelope and mail in your gift during the week – postage paid by us.
  2. You can use our card swiping machine in the Welcome Center, next to the Cafe.  Simply designate the amount on the receipt that you are giving toward “All In.”
  3. You can also give through our website using Paypal (you don’t have to have a Paypal account to use this option – just a Credit/Debit card).  There is a “Purpose” line in Paypal where you can tell us what you are designating toward “All In.”
  4. You can also give through TEXTing.  Our giving number is 843-277-8337.  There is a one step sign up process to link your account.  After you do that, TEXT the amount you wish to give, space, and then type the word “AllIN” or “building”.  That money will then be designated toward “All In.”

How much should you give?  Prayerfully consider giving a gift that will stretch your faith and include your whole family.  For some people, coming up with “extra” money is difficult.  Our family will be looking through our garage & attic for things we can sell at a Garage Sale or on Craigslist.  We’ve learned that as we give, God provides.  For some people $1000 above your regular giving is a huge sacrifice.  For others, it’s not.  We can’t all give the same amount, but together we can make the same sacrifice.

Remember, this offering should be over and above what you regularly give.  If you’re not regularly giving, use this time of year to start giving.  If you’re not tithing (10% of your income), step out in faith and start tithing.  Remember, God doesn’t want your money, but He does want what it represents – you!  Christmas is a reminder that God gave His very best.  What will you give to Him in return?

Forever All In!

Pastor Chris Rollins