This past Sunday, November 10th, 2019 will go down as one of those historic days in the life of our church!  Because so many of you “Dared to Believe”, you helped to insure that our church will continue to grow and reach people for Jesus for generations to come.  Our children’s children will talk about this weekend and your faith in our great God!  And I love you for it!

For those of you who were either out of town or unable to come yesterday, you can still turn in your “Daring Faith” Offering and Commitment Card.  Just drop by the church office one day this week or shoot us an email.  You can even do it all online.  We want to include your offering and commitment in the grand total that we announce this coming Sunday (yes you’ll have to wait for Sunday for the Big Announcement)!

For those of you who did not participate because you think your gift and commitment doesn’t matter, you’re wrong.  We’ve said it all along, “Equal Sacrifice, not Equal Gifts.  Every Gift/Commitment matters.  Every Gift/Commitment counts.”  You can still participate. 

For those of you who did not participate because you think, “it’s all about the money”, I’d love a chance to meet with you one on one and share my heart with you one more time.  The truth is this campaign has been about Faith.  And like it or not, the primary way, according to the Bible, that God tests and stretches our faith is through money, through our possessions.  Why do you think it illicits such powerful emotions?  We simply believe that God is not finished with Coastal, and there are more and more people in Charleston that need Jesus.  And if we are going to continue to grow and reach more people, especially children and families, it’s time to address our Children’s space.  It’s that simple. 

Our mission has always been the same.  It has never changed.  It is my prayer that as a result of participating in the entire campaign, our people have grown in faith, hope, love, and generosity.  And yes, our financial sacrifice will enable us to build a building, a tool to grow and reach more people for Jesus.  I pray you’ll have a change of heart.  I pray that you will trust me and our leadership.  Don’t allow Satan use something so beautiful and exciting as a wedge between you and the church.  You can still participate.

This Sunday, come prepared to cheer and celebrate and make some noise!  I’m serious!  Wear your Team colors, bring some pom-poms, bring some noise makers!  No matter the Team you’re representing, I promise you we’re all going to celebrate Team Jesus and what God did in our midst!  Outside there will be Tailgaters, Jump Castles, and plenty of Food (all FREE)!  As a part of that celebration, we’re going to have some Baptisms this Sunday!  I can’t think of a better thing to do than to witness people being “raised to new life” in Jesus!  If you would like to get baptized, simply respond to this email to let us know, and we’ll be in touch.  So, whatever you do, don’t miss this Sunday!  It’s going to be an AWESOME day!

I Love You Coastal and I Am Forever Grateful for All of You!

Pastor Chris