Well, it was an Easter like no other – one that we will forever remember!  I want to share some good news with you.  Months ago as we were planning this Easter we set a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of 2,000 in attendance.  The previous 3 Easter’s had grown from 1000, 1200, and 1600.  Well, this Easter weekend we had 2,213 attend church online!  The past 2 weeks our church online numbers were 1100 and 1300.  By the way, those are individual unique viewing sessions.  Some of those sessions represent multiple people or whole families.  It also doesn’t count Facebook.  Our online service had 7630 views on Facebook!  Even more exciting is that we had 56 people indicate that they made a decision for Christ online!  

Coastal, I’m hearing similar numbers from Pastors and churches all around the country.  You see, what the enemy meant for evil, God is using to reap a harvest of LIFE change!  People are open right now to spiritual things.  They are searching for hope and help.  And the church has answers.  People are most receptive during times of tension, trouble, and transition.  That pretty much describes the times we are living in right now.  So again, this is not a time for the church or believers to hide, hibernate, or hunker down.  No, it’s our time to storm the gates of hell and rescue people one life at time!

Just a few other reminders about this week:

  1. We still need those 10-15 second videos that describe what the Coastal family means to you.  We really need about 15 more by tomorrow night.  (See previous email for all the details.)  All videos recorded on iPhones can be texted to Pastor Scott at 859-230-5129 OR emailed to Pastor Scott at scotth@coastalcommunitychurch.org.  All videos recorded on any other phone or video equipment can be emailed to Pastor Scott at scotth@coastalcommunitychurch.org.
  2. This coming Sunday, April 19th we’ll be taking Communion together online.  If you’re able to pick up some grape juice/wine and bread this week at your local store, great.  However, they are symbols, and you can use whatever you have available (water and crackers would work just fine).  We’ll also be making up some family “Communion Packets” (ziplock bags with small containers of juice and bread) that can be picked up this week at the church.
  3. I can’t begin to thank everyone enough for the response to our “Grab & Go Meal Drive Through”!  This week we are planning on feeding 1000 people! Our menu: pulled pork barbecue, red rice, cole slaw, and dessert.  The only thing we need donations of this week are: cookies and/or prepackaged desserts (rice krispy treats, Little Debbie’s, etc.).  If you are interested in serving at the event itself, please respond to this email.  Keep in mind that we are limiting the number of volunteers and because of the response have had to rotate volunteers each week.  At this point and at this scale, the BIGGEST WAY TO HELP is donating money.  You can simply go to our website and give
  4. Please pick up all Easter Yard Signs this week around town and drop them back off at the church at your convenience.  We will use them again next year. 
  5. This Wednesday morning, April 15, Janet Rollins will be hosting an online Zoom meeting for Coastal Kidz!  There will be two 30 minute sessions:  9:00AM – Preschoolers ( 2 yr. olds – Kindergarten).  10:00AM – 1st-5th Graders.  Both Groups will participate in a Zoom “Show & Tell” this week!  Please have your child ready to show something and tell about it.  To participate in any of our Coastal Kidz Zoom Connections, please go to https://zoom.us/j/4864196205 just a couple of minutes before your child’s scheduled time to join the meeting.
  6. We still need more Christmas Cards written for Operation Christmas Child.  You can pick up the cards & envelopes at the church.  This month’s (April) gift item that we are collecting is stuffed animals (May will be coloring books).  Also, we are looking for volunteers to start wrapping shoeboxes.  We have the boxes and paper ready to go!
  7. Because of the amount of food we are giving away each week through our Food Band and Blessing Boxes, we still need food donations.  Items that we always need more of are:  pasta, rice, pasta sauce, canned fruit, canned pastas and canned protein (chicken, tuna, etc.).
  8. All of our LIFE Groups are now online and open for new people to join!  For a list of all our Online LIFE Groups, go to this page and sign up today!
  9. Our WAVES Student Ministry (6th-12th Grade) has Virtual Small Groups taking place on Wednesday Nights at 7:00pm. These video based small groups are designed to be a time where students can join in with their friends/other students their age (high school and middle school boys and girls) and spend some time connecting with them and leaders. The group kicks off with some virtual hangout time and then the students will go through a video study; spending some time discussing various topics. To join the zoom video chat at 7:00pm on Wednesday, just visit the student page on the Coastal website (https://coastalcommunitychurch.org/connect/students/) and click the group pertaining to you.
  10. Janet and I will be hosting a Facebook LIVE event this Wednesday night at 8pm from my Facebook page.  Send me a Friend Request if we’re not already friends.  No real agenda, just a fun time of hanging out and maybe a little bit of Q & A!

Pastor Chris