I want to let you know about a new opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus where we live, work, parent, and play that we’re very excited about!  We are beginning a ministry partnership with “The Pink House” in the Ardmore Neighborhood right here in West Ashley.  The Pink House over the years has served as a community center of sorts – a lighthouse of help and hope in a neighborhood with great need.   Ardmore has a host of social issues.  These issues include drugs, alcohol, gang activity, and struggling low income families.  There is a real opportunity for our church to make a lasting IMPACT right in our own backyard by serving those in need.  The possibilities for ministry and impact are unlimited!  In fact, this past week a team of volunteers from Coastal organized a free Clothing Distribution at the Pink House.  

But here’s the reality – The Pink House property has fallen into disrepair and needs a lot of TLC.  So to help create neighborhood goodwill and to literally prepare the soil for future ministry, Coastal is organizing a Yard Clean Up Project this Saturday, February 27th from 9am until 1pm.  We’ll meet in the Coastal Welcome Center this Saturday at 9am.  We’re going to be doing some raking, laying down landscaping fabric, putting out mulch and pine straw.  We’re also going to haul away some old debris and wood left on the property from previous ministry.  The reality is this, the PINK House is not fully ready for larger scale outreach in the community (Neighborhood Tailgate Parties, VBS, etc).  There is work that needs to be accomplished in order to revitalize the grounds and to communicate to the neighborhood that the PINK House is up and running and that Coastal is here to minister to the community. 

So roll up your sleeves, grab your rakes, blowers, and other lawn equipment and join us this Saturday as we look to take these initial steps!  We’ll be done by 1pm so it won’t be a sacrifice of your entire Saturday.  Also, if you are professional landscaper and you’re willing to help with your time and equipment, we’d love to have you.  If you own an open-styled trailer and you are willing to sacrifice your time by helping to haul items to the Bees Ferry Landfill, we’d love to have you. 

You can sign up right now by going to:  www.coastalcommunitychurch.org/missions.  You can also contact our Outreach Pastor, Chris Jones by email with any questions at chrisjones@coastalcommunitychurch.org.

Pastor Chris 

P.S. If you’re planning on coming to the church on Saturday for the Pink House Yard Clean Up, why not come early and help us set up Coastal Kidz at Orange Grove Middle School (right across the street from the church).  We’ll be there at 8am and be done in plenty of time to meet in the Welcome Center at 9am.  In fact, we’re there every Saturday morning during our Construction Project and would love for you to join us!