Today is mine and Janet’s 27th Wedding Anniversary!  Our first date was on Valentine’s Day and we got married the next Valentine’s Day!  Janet is the only woman I’ve ever kissed.  So yes, I am a romantic and I love Valentine’s Day.  I told someone to “Have a Happy Valentine’s Day” this week and she snapped back, “You mean, ‘Happy Single Awareness Day’?”  I responded, “Wow!  Well after you feed your cats, mabye you can go out with some friends.”  I told someone else the same thing and got a lecture on a Hallmark/Flower Industry conspiracy.  Another married woman told me, “I told my husband, ‘You better not get me flowers or chocolate on Valentine’s Day!  I don’t want that stuff unless you do it all year long.'”

Okay I get it.  Not everyone feels the same way about Valentine’s Day that I do.  By the way, romance has very little to do with expensive candlelight dinners, flowers, or chocolates.  Romance is simply choosing to love someone exactly the way they need to be loved, expecting nothing in return.  It’s the little things, done consistently, over time.  It’s willingly sacrificing your needs for someone else.  And when you find someone who will do that with you – there’s nothing better.

If that’s the real definition of romance – then in many ways, God is the Great Romantic.  He knows exactly the way each of needs to be loved and He chooses to love us that way, expecting nothing in return.  He does the little things, consistently, over time.  Thank God today for His great love and ask Him to help you to be a better lover!

Don’t forget about the new series we’re kicking off on Sunday, March 2nd called, “Hello, My Name Is.”  We’re going to be looking at some of the lesser known characters in the Bible and how their stories intersect with ours and what their lives can teach us.  We’re going to kick off the series with something called, “Name Tag Sunday.”  I don’t know about you, but we have so many new people each and every week that I have a hard time remembering everyone’s name.  Well, instead of asking only guests to wear Name Tags, everyone is going to wear one!  It will be a fun way to kick off the series and a great way to invite your friends – because everyone is going to feel like a guest!  And who knows?  You might just meet someone new and remember their name!  Sunday, March 2nd, start praying and inviting!

Here are 5 more things I want you to know about:

  1. Our Children’s Director, Janet Rollins, is putting together a VBS Planning Team!  If you are intersted in helping to plan and organize VBS this year, shoot Janet an email and let her know –!
  2. Our very own Pastor Scott Huff is now a published author!  He is a contributing author to “All Time Verses” a 90 Day Devotional Guide for Students (or adults).  The books are $12.  All proceeds from shirt sales help kids go to Summer Camp.  You can purchase them in the Welcome Center on Sunday.
  3. Prayerfully consider making a contribution to your “All In” Campaign commitment on Easter Sunday!  If you are new to Coastal and would like more information about our New Building Campaign, check the box on the back of your Connect Card or respond to this email.
  4. We are forming a new team to help serve, host, and clean up at our Newcomer’s Lunches.  If you are interested, please sign up on your Connect Card on Sunday.
  5. Need Counseling or know someone who does?  Coastal provides affordable (donations only), professional, Christian Counseling through the Counseling Ministry of Kenny Hahn.  Contact him directly at 843-732-0245 or visit his website at for more intormation.

Have a great weekend!  See you and your friends on Sunday!

Always & Forever All In!

Pastor Chris