Dear Coastal,

Woohoo – a woman gave her life to Christ this past Sunday at Coastal!  We’ll be lighting another light on our ONE sign this Sunday!  That’s 29 lights so far this year!  29 people who once were lost, but now are found!  Keep praying for your ONE!  Keep reaching out!  Keep loving!  Keep serving!  Keep sharing!  Keep inviting!  What’s interesting about this particular woman who gave her life to Christ is that she was raised Catholic and yet had never truly heard the Gospel – that you are saved through faith in Jesus and not from good works (Ephesians 2:8-9).

I also wanted to share with you part of an email from someone else who was at one of our services this past Sunday:  “I have never felt the Spirit like I do when I’m at Coastal. I know God has led me to Coastal to help bring me home to Him and to share his word, love and grace with others. Today for the first time in my life I actually felt that God truly loves me, despite all my sins!!  I was so overcome with his love this morning that I can finally see a light at the end of this dark lonely hole that I’m existing in. I know that I must be really hard headed and that God had to put me in this circumstance in order for me to come back home to him and though I don’t understand why at this time, I know God has a purpose. Words can not express how I’m feeling right now. All I can say is Thank you!!!!”

Coastal, we don’t just GO to church – we ARE the church!  And we are on a mission – to do anything short of sin to see people come to Christ – to beat down the gates of Hell and rescue people one life at a time!  We exist to share and experience the LIFE of Jesus with the world around us!  Join us in that mission!  Begin to see your life as a missionary where you live, work, and play.  God has you right where He wants you for a reason and for a season to penetrate the darkness of this world with the light of Christ.  Ask God to open your eyes and your heart to see all the people around you the way He does.  People everywhere are looking for hope and for help and we have have both and His name is Jesus!

We’ve been talking about it, praying & fasting about it – now is the time to start doing it!  INVITE YOUR FRIENDS, RELATIVES, CO-WORKERS, & NEIGHBORS TO CHURCH THIS EASTER!   EASTER IS ONLY 1 WEEK AWAY!  You should all know the particulars by now:  3 services on Easter Sunday – 8am, 9:30am, and 11:15am.  Plus, we’re serving breakfast (shrimp & grits) from 7am-8am. 

Easter is one of those days where it’s “all hands on deck.”  In other words, we need all of our volunteers serving!  Do your LIFE Team Leaders a huge favor and go ahead and sign up to serve on Easter Sunday!  Go ahead and shoot Janet Rollins, (Coastal Kidz), Chris Ranew (1st Impressions), Matt Beam (Cafe), Bryan Miller (Security), Christopher Rollins (Worship/Tech) an email or give them a call and let them know which service you can serve on Easter.  Remember, it’s not about YOU.  It’s about that ONE who was raised on religion, but never heard or responded to the gospel.  It’s about that person who walks in our door carrying more baggage than we could ever know, who finds themselves in a very “dark lonely hole”, but gets to hear just how much God really loves them.  That’s why we do what we do, that’s why we serve.  And to love, teach, serve potentially 1,000+ people (including children) in 3 services – it takes ALL OF US!

I want to challenge you again to prayerfully consider what you and your family might give as a special offering for Easter Sunday!  Not only do we invest extra money in postage and advertising, but we also try to make sure that we have plenty of resources (Bibles, Next Steps books, etc.) ready for our Guests and those making decisions.  We also try to make small noticeable improvements with our signage and landscaping.  It all works together and it all makes a difference in preparing for growth.  We all can’t give the same amount, but together we can all make the same sacrifice.  And when we prayerfully do that together, that’s when God shows up and does a miracle.  Every gift counts!  Every gift makes a difference!

Friday’s 5:

  1. We’re making plans now for our Summer Semester of LIFE Groups!  The Summer Semester begins the week of June 4th and lasts for 4-6 weeks, right before VBS.  If you are interesed in leading, assisting, or hosting a Summer LIFE Group, the time to let us know is now.  The Summer is a great time for creative, social, or active groups (sports, outdoor fun, cooking, exercise, short studies, dinners, movies, servant evangelism, etc.).  Our Summer Semester helps maintain momentum and connection over the Summer. It’s a great way for people to “try out Groups”.  It’s a great opportunity for new leaders, and it gives our current leaders a much needed rest.  Please respond to this email or let us know on your Connect Card if you have an idea or you’re interested in leading.
  2. Feel free to join our Student Ministry in seeing the movie, “A Case for Christ” on Tuesday, April 11th at 11:30am at the Citadel Mall Movie Theater.  Coastal is picking up the tab!  Invite and bring friends!  Respond to this email or sign up on your Connect Card on Sunday to let us know how many people are coming!
  3. Our WAVES Student Ministry (6th-12th Grade) has a great Spring Break week planned: FREE Movie Day, Tuesday, 11:30am at Citadel Mall Theater (A Case for Christ); Special 6.2.SIX, Wednesday Night 6-8:15pm; Friday Night Bowling, 7-9pm, Ashley Bowling Lanes on Sam Rittenburg, cost $5.
  4. Join our Coastal family for “Chairs, Prayer, & Pizza”, Thursday, April 13th, 7pm at the church.  We will be setting up all 500 of our chairs in the auditorium for Easter and most importantly we will be praying!  We will send families and/or small groups of people off together on a guided prayer walk around our facility to pray for our Easter Services, our different ministries, all the people who will be invited, and for people to be saved.  Childcare will not be provided, but if your children are old enough to partcipate, we’d love for you to bring your entire family.  And yes, at the end, we will provide pizza!
  5. Interested in getting Baptized?  Our next Baptism Service will be Sunday, April 23rd (the Sunday after Easter) in both services!  Sign up on your Connect Card or on our website and indicate which service you will attend.   Baptism is a great celebration at Coastal!  Use your Baptism as an opportunity to invite and bring friends, family, neighbors and co-workers!

Filled With JOY!

Pastor Chris