This Sunday, I’ll be closing out our “Conversations” series.  The idea for the series has been that there are many important conversations that every believer needs to have a handle on and every parent needs to be prepared to pass on to the next generation.  So far, we’ve talked about our identity in Christ, developing friends, being a Christian in the digital age, and holding on to our faith.  There are many, many other subjects that we could talk about – sex/relationships, money/finances, just to name a few.  But there’s one topic I felt compelled to talk about this week, one that we definitely need to have a grasp on, and one that we definitely need to be prepared to talk with our kids about – failure.  

Failure is a part of life.  And yet many parents today will do everything in their power to create this unrealistic, pain-free bubble of success around their children.  But if you provide such a safety net for your little child that he or she never has an opportunity to fail, you’re doing them a dis-service.  You’re setting them up for greater pain.  You see, when they get out in the real world, they’re going to lose; they’re going to fail.  Nobody wins all the time.  Part of maturity is learning that.  They need to learn that it’s ok to make mistakes, it’s ok to fail.  What you want them to do is to learn from it.  That’s what we’re going to talk about on Sunday – how to handle failure.  And you never know, it’s possible that your greatest life message, your greatest contribution, your most significant input in this world, might just be in the area of your greatest failure, if, if you give it to God.  Don’t miss it!

It’s been a great start to “Summer of IMPACT”!  Already we’ve had Teams of Volunteers help with small home repairs in the Ardmore Neighborhood, sew pillowcases for MUSC Children’s Hospital, and feed the residents of Joseph Floyd Manor.  And that’s just over the last 3 days!  But we’re just getting started!  There’s still plenty of different projects to be a part of.  Simply click on this link: Summer of IMPACTtake a look at all the different opportunities, find the project(s) right for you, and then sign up today! One great opportunity tomorrow is Saturday Serve!  We meet at the church at 8:30am, hear a “pitch” from the leaders of the different projects that day, pray, and you pick what you want to do and go serve.  It’s THAT easy!  And it’s the backbone of all our serving at Coastal.  We would love to see you in the morning!  If you have any questions, please reach out to Pastor Chris Jones at 843-870-4613.  And if you’ve already signed up, the only thing left to do is to show up!

Don’t forget that we kick-off “AT THE MOVIES” on Sunday, June 13th!  “At the Movies” is where we take current or popular movies and use them as a hook to talk about spiritual truth.  The movies we are using this year are:  “Cruella”, “Peter Rabbit 2”, “Fast & Furious 9”, “Black Widow”, “Space Jam”, and “Jungle Cruise.”  ALL 1st Time Guests will receive FREE Movie Tickets to Citadel Mall Theater (and the person who invited them – YOU) throughout the entire series.  There will be popcorn, movie trailers, and cool giveaways!  And this Sunday we’ll have a special invite tool for you to use to invite your friends to the series. 

One more thing.  I’ll say it as simply as I can.  It really is time for most of you to return to in-person worship!  Don’t put it off any longer, come back this Sunday!  I miss you! 

Making An IMPACT With You!
Pastor Chris 

Here are this week’s “Friday 5”:

    Typically, in this section of our Friday 5 we list all the upcoming Outreach Projects.  For the month of June – there really is only ONE thing we want you to focus on:  SUMMER OF IMPACT! Simply click on this link:  Take a look at all the opportunities. Find the project(s) right for you and then sign up today! You can sign up for as many opportunities as you want directly from our website.  And by the way, you don’t even have to call Coastal your home to participate!  Spread the word  and invite and bring your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to serve!  If you are looking to Make an IMPACT in our community, this is the way to do it!  Let’s make this the best Summer ever!
    If you have any questions about Summer of IMPACT and the different projects, please reach out to Pastor Chris Jones at 843-870-4613.
  2. As a fun way to celebrate the Summer and our “At the Movies”series, we’ll be taking anyone who is available to see the new “Peter Rabbit 2” movie on Tuesday, June 22nd, 10am (doors open at 9:30am) at the Citadel Mall Theater.  And we’re picking up the cost of the ticket!  It’s our way to thank you and bless our community (your friends – yes, please invite and bring friends).  Simply let us know how many people you’ll be bringing to the movie (respond to this email or let us know on your Connect Card). 
  3. We are planning our Annual BEACH BAPTISM out at Folly Beach County Park on Sunday, June 13th, at 5pm.  You can sign up for it on our website.  The only requirement for Baptism is that you have personally given your life to Jesus.  Baptism is a public profession of your faith.  At Coastal we call it “going public” and it’s a great celebration!  It beautifully illustrates Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.  If you’re unable to participate in our Beach Baptism, remember at Coastal we’re ready for you to get Baptized any service, any Sunday.  If you are interested in getting Baptized simply respond to this email or sign up on our website.  
  4. Father’s Day, June 20th, is going to be a lot fun at Coastal!  First of all, we’re having another Baby/Child Dedication.  If you would like your family to participate, sign up on your Connect Card.  Include the child’s full name and the service you will be attending.  There will also be FREE Kona Ice for everyone, a gift for all the guys (I’m real excited about the gift), and some fun giveaways (yes, probably MEAT) at the end of each service!  
  5. We’re serving our community by rolling up our sleeves – literally! As part of our June 5th Saturday Serve, Coastal is hosting a Blood Drive from 8:30am-1:30pm at the church.  Every donor will receive a $10 gift card. You can use that gift card to meet your own needs or you can donate the gift card back to the church where we’ll use it to help struggling neighbors in our community. Let’s come together as a church and donate life! You can easily sign up for a convenient time slot by clicking here:

    P.S. Coastal is hosting the 8th Grade Graduation for Orange Grove Middle School on Thursday, June 10th, at 9:30am. Our auditorium will be standing room only!  If you are available, we need volunteers to help make this a wonderful experience for all of our guests!  We need people to work the cafe (cookies & lemonade), run golf carts, open doors, take pictures at a selfie/photo booth, and greet all of our guests.  And then on Tuesday, June 15th, we are hosting Oakland Elementary School’s Kindergarten Graduation at 9am and their 5th Grade Graduation at 11am.  Oakland’s Graduation is Students only, but we would still like a few volunteers to help with doors and gifts.  If you are interested in serving either or both Graduations, please respond to this email or sign up on your Connect Card on Sunday.  These Graduations are a great opportunity to make a huge IMPACT in our community.