Just 2 more weeks until we’re back in our building for worship!  As we make preparations for opening back up on June 7th, one of the changes will be NOT handing out Bulletins (Announcement Sheet, Connect Card, Offering Envelope, etc.).  We will put a Connect Card & Offering Envelope in the seat pocket of each chair.  However, the easiest way to stay connected, see all the announcements, listen to our messages, and fill out a Connect Card, will be through our App.  Yes, if you didn’t already know it, Coastal has a FREE App you can download for your phone or mobile device.  Download it today from your App Store!  If you’re searching for it, make sure you search for “Coastal Community Church of Charleston or Coastal CC Charleston” (There are other Coastal Community Churches around the country).  If it’s been a while since you checked out the App, open it up!  We’ve updated it and made some improvements for when we get back into the building and moving forward.

Many people have asked what will our Coastal Kidz Children’s Ministry look like on June 7th as we move back into our building?  Here are just a few of the procedures you can expect to see:

  • All Coastal Kidz volunteers will wear masks and gloves.
  • We will wipe down all chairs, tables, and toys after each service. We will minimize the number of toys in each room to help with this.
  • At Child Check-in, volunteers will enter the information on the iPads for stickers.
  • We will use non-contact thermometers to take the temperature at child checkin of all children admitted to Coastal Kidz and all Coastal Kidz volunteers.
  • All children will either use hand sanitizer or wash their hands before entering the classroom. For smaller children, volunteers will help with this.
  • We will space the chairs farther apart in the 1st – 5th grade class and try to keep the younger ones seated farther apart in the other classrooms.
  • VIP (Volunteer Meeting) will be outside in the pergola (weather permitting) or in the new building.

For those of you who serve on Sunday mornings (Coastal Kidz, 1st Impressions, Security, Worship Team, Tech Team) please communicate with your Ministry Leader your availability in June.  Be on the lookout for your Planning Center email and please start signing up for the month of June.

Now, for those of you who are sick, immune compromised, vulnerable, or care for those who are – or even if you’re just not ready on June 7th – please continue to watch our services online.  We live streamed our services way before COVID-19, and we will continue to do so long after.  In fact, we have invested thousands of dollars in improving and expanding our online services and capacity during this time.  I hope you have noticed and appreciated all of our efforts A huge shout out to our Tech Team, Worship Team, Pastor Ryan Spell, Christopher Rollins Jr., and Mark Crawford for all of their hard work).  

By the way, it is because of your consistent, generous giving that we are able to do everything we do at Coastal, including our online services.  If you would like to specifically help fund that expansion – cameras, lights, equipment, etc. – please let me know or simply continue to give above and beyond.

I Love You Coastal and I Love Being Your Pastor!  I can’t wait to see you soon!
Pastor Chris

Here are this week’s “Friday 5”:

  1. This Saturday, May 23rd, 11am-1pm, will be week 10 of our FREE “Grab & Go Meal Drive-Through.”  We have now given away thousands and thousands of meals!  This week’s menu: PULLED PORK BBQ, Rice, Lima Beans, Cole Slaw, and dessert – plus a free roll of toilet paper for every family!!  If you’re hungry, in need, or know someone who is, we’d love to help!  Feel free to pick up a box and deliver it to someone you know. It’s our way to love and serve our community! Help us spread the word!  At this point and at this scale, the BIGGEST WAY TO HELP is donating money. You can sponsor a meal by giving on our website: https://coastalcommunitychurch.org/give/ or simply text ANY amount to 843-277-8337 and use the key word “meals” (ex. $100 meals).  The Drive-Thru is also a great opportunity to drop off non-perishable food items for our Community Food Bank.  We also need DESSERTS – cookies, pre-packaged snacks, etc.  You can drop off desserts at the church on Saturday morning 8am-10am.
  2. Summer of IMPACT is a month-long effort where we as a church saturate our city with the love of Jesus through simple acts of service. One way we serve is through our partnerships with non-profit organizations all over Charleston. We enjoy serving with the Lowcountry Food Bank, Soldiers Angels, the Ronald McDonald House and Lowcountry Orphan Relief. We also have ongoing projects here at Coastal where we pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, feed the homeless and hurting at the North Charleston Tailgate and multiple other projects. There are opportunities nearly every day of the month. You simply sign-up and then show-up. Every project has a leader and every project is well-organized.  Click on this link: www.coastalcommunitychurch.org/outreach.  Take a look at all the opportunities. Find the project(s) that is right for you and sign up today. You can sign up for as many opportunities as you want. It’s easy to sign up, and it’s easy to serve. If you are looking to Make an Impact in our community, this is the way to do it!   Sign up and then show-up…it’s literally that easy.
  3. This coming Sunday, May 24th we’ll be taking Communion together online.  If you’re able to pick up some grape juice/wine and bread this week at your local store, great.  However, they are symbols, and you can use whatever you have available (water and crackers would work just fine).  We’ll also be making up some family “Communion Packets” (ziplock bags with small containers of juice and bread) that can be picked up this morning (Friday) at the church or tomorrow (Saturday) during the Grab & Go Meal Drive-Thru.
  4. On Sunday, June 7th, we kick off one of our favorite sermon series traditions here at Coastal – “AT THE MOVIES”!  This year’s tagline is “Coming to a home near you!”  “At the Movies” is where we take current or popular movies and use them as a hook to talk about spiritual truth.  ALL 1st Time Guests (and the person who invited them – YOU) will receive a FREE $5 Amazon Gift Card to watch a movie at home on us (or just to apply to your Amazon Shopping cart – haha).  Start praying and inviting now!  
  5. Sign up today for our Beach Baptism on Sunday, June 14th, 4pm out at Folly Beach County Park!  Come out early (traffic might be an issue) and make it a fun day for your entire family!  If you are interested in being Baptized, simply respond to this emailgo to our website and sign up online, or sign up on your Online Connect Card on Sunday.  Even if you’re not being Baptized, come on out the beach and celebrate with those who are!  Make it a fun day for the whole family!

    P.S. If you consider Coastal your church home or if you have been blessed by the ministry of our church, we want to encourage you to continue to be faithful with your generosity.  If you would like us to mail you offering envelopes or step you through online giving, please respond to this email or call the church office (843-571-1777).  Your weekly gifts are a vital resource that allows us to continue the work that God has called us to do. When you continue to give during this crisis, your gifts allow us to maintain critical ministries that many depend on.  Thank you so much for your faithfulness!