Wow – we had an amazing Mother’s Day this past Sunday!  We had 13 children participate in Baby/Child Dedication (we have another Baby/Child Dedication coming up Father’s Day – see below).  We had lots and lots of guests!  And we had 842 people in attendance!  Moving forward, especially on Big Days, we’re going to need people to start parking in Oakland Elementary School’s parking lot (not just Orange Grove – which was full).  Oakland’s parking lot (which is a little further away – but MUCH MUCH BIGGER) is located down the first entrance right past the Greenway.  Also, we’re getting ready to open up the field parking in the back of our campus.  Either way, these are good problems (opportunities) to have!

Not only is our church continuing to grow in person, but our online presence is strong and continues to grow – which leads me to a new ministry opportunity.  We’re looking to grow and expand our Online Engagement Team.  Coastal’s Online Engagement Team serves online, every Sunday, during both services.  What do they do?  They greet and serve our guests, regular attenders, and members who are attending our services virtually on Church Online (by way of our church website), Facebook, and on YouTube.  

When you consider the Online Engagement Team think of it as, First Impressions, but online. Our Team members chat in the chatrooms, share thoughts about upcoming events, share moments during the service, pray for people requesting prayer, and provide the same level of excellence we’ve come to expect during our in-person services.  The reality is this, if we’re going to take the online experience to the next level, we’re going to need some additional help. You’ll receive training and can serve as little as once per month or as many times as you like. If you are looking for a great serving opportunity, this might be it!  Reach out to Pastor Ryan Spell ( – 843-442-8985) or Pastor Chris Jones ( – 843-870-4613) for more information.

This Sunday we’re in week 4 of our study through the 23rd Psalm called, “Living In Victory.”  I’ll be talking about living in victory over indecision and discovering God’s will for your life in the process.  Psalm 23:3b says, He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name.”  My guess is that many of you have had to make some major decisions this past year, or you are facing some right now.  Should I hold on, or should I let go?  Should I get in, or should I get out?  Should I get married?  Should I get a new job?  Should I move?  The stress of indecision begins to get to you.  Sometimes even after we make a decision we start second guessing ourselves, “Did I do the right thing?”  And that causes stress.  The good news?  The Good Shepherd not only feeds us, He leads us.  He not only provides, He also guides.  The good Shepherd not only protects, He also directs.  Come this Sunday as we talk about how!

And speaking of this Sunday, I saw this quote that I wanted to share with you:  “One of the best things you can do for your church this Sunday is to sit in the front middle of the room, worship passionately, and respond to your Pastor’s preaching.  10 people like that can change the atmosphere of a whole room and lift hearts heavenward!”  I think they’re right!  Invite and bring someone to church with you this Sunday and bring the energy – I’ll bring mine!  I love you Coastal and I love being your Pastor!

Pastor Chris

    Clothing Team –  Our Coastal Clothing Team will be organizing and sorting clothes Friday (TODAY), May 13th, 9am-11am.  Meet at 2952 Old Pond Road on Johns Island.
    Lowcountry Orphan Relief –  Lowcountry Orphan Relief provides support services and aid to meet the needs of Lowcountry children identified as at-risk or suffering from abandonment, abuse and/or neglect. Coastal will be serving there, Friday, May 13th, (and again on Friday, May 20th) 9:30am-11:30am. Meet at 1850 Truxton Ave in North Charleston.
    PINK House –  The PINK House is a community center in the Ardmore subdivision in West Ashley.  We are going to be putting on a community Tailgate Party, Clothing Distribution, on Saturday, May 14th, 10am-1pm. Meet at Coastal at 10am.
    Charleston Vets Tailgate – We’re hosting a tailgating event at Charleston Vets, Saturday, May 14th, 10am-1pm. Coastal Vets is a transitional housing facility for veterans in North Charleston.  Meet at Coastal at 10am.
    Joseph Floyd Manor Tailgate –  Our Tailgate will be rolling and serving our friends downtown at the Joseph Floyd Manor –  Thursday, May 19th, 10am-1pm. Meet at the church.
    Patriot Villas Veterans Tailgate –  We will be putting on a Tailgate for the Veterans at Patriot Villas on Thursday, May 26th, 6-8pm.  Meet at Coastal. 

    As always, if you are interested in serving in any of these projects, you can sign up on your Connect Card this Sunday or sign up now on our website.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Pastor Chris Jones at 843-870-4613.
  2. If you would like your family to participate in the Baby/Child Dedication on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 19th, please respond to this email.  Include the child’s full name and the service you will be attending.  Coastal’s Baby Dedication is a special time for our parents and children. The purpose of our Baby Dedication is not for the child’s salvation. It is more of a prayer/renewal time for the parents as they commit to raise their child the way God wants them to and a time of prayer for the child to grow to be the man or woman God has called them to be. It is also a time for our church family to commit to you, the parents, to be the support that you need.  Most people think of a Baby Dedication as just for our newborns, but we’ve had all different ages participate. If you’ve never had that special prayer time for you and your child, we’d love for you to sign up and participate.
  3. We are planning our Annual BEACH BAPTISM out at Folly Beach County Park on Sunday, June 12th, at 5pm.  You can sign up for it on our website.  The only requirement for Baptism is that you have personally given your life to Jesus.  Baptism is a public profession of your faith.  At Coastal we call it “going public,” and it’s a great celebration!  It beautifully illustrates Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.  If you’re unable to participate in our Beach Baptism, remember at Coastal we’re ready for you to get Baptized any service, any Sunday.  If you are interested in getting Baptized simply respond to this email, sign up on your Connect Card, or sign up on our website.
  4. One of the ways our church marks the beginning of Summer every year is through something called Summer of IMPACT!  If you are fairly new to Coastal, Summer of IMPACT is a month-long effort (the entire month of June) where we as a church saturate our community with the love of Jesus through simple acts of service.  It’s basically what we normally do all throughout the year, but ON STEROIDS for the month of June!  

    There is something for everyone – from serving through our existing partnerships with non-profit organizations all over Charleston like the Lowcountry Food Bank, Soldiers Angels, the Ronald McDonald House, Carolina Youth Development Center, Charleston Vets, The Pink House, Patriots Villas, and Lowcountry Orphan Relief, to sewing lap throws for the residents of Joseph Floyd Manor, to feeding, clothing, and bring supplies to literally hundreds of hungry, hurting, and homeless people all over Charleston. There are opportunities nearly every day of the month. You simply sign-up and then show-up. It’s that easy.  Every project has a leader and every project is well-organized. So here’s what I am asking you to do RIGHT NOW: Click on this link: Take a look at all the opportunities. Find the project(s) right for you and then sign up today! You can sign up for as many opportunities as you want directly from our website.
  5. We are so excited about Vacation Bible School at Coastal this year! After COVID & Construction, VBS is back and will be better than ever in our brand new facility!  The dates & times for VBS this year are Monday, July 11th – Friday, July 15th, 6pm-8pm!  This year’s theme is “Make Waves – What you do today, can change the world around you!”  VBS at Coastal is ALL HANDS ON DECK!  In other words, it takes EVERYONE to pull off a great VBS for our church and our community.  There will be greeters, security, snacks, registration, teachers, games, worship, decorations, nursery, crafts – in other words, something for EVERYONE!  If you are interested in serving in any capacity, please go to our website and sign up today!  To register your child, ages 4 year olds – 5th Grade, go to and sign them up today!  If you have any questions, contact Janet Rollins at or 843-442-8299.

    P.S.  Interested in officially making the Coastal church family, your church family? Our next Membership Class is Monday night, June 6th, 6-8:30pm. You can respond to this email, sign up on our website, or sign up on your Connect Card on Sunday.  You can join us either in-person or online through Zoom.