Okay guys you know the drill – this Sunday, February 10th is a Big Day at Coastal!  Yes, every Sunday is a big deal, but this Sunday is a “Big Day” in the sense that we’re kicking off a brand new series called “The Vow.”  It’s a relationship/marriage series.  Whether you’re single or married, I promise you’ll get something out of it.  We’ve also sent out a large postcard to all of West Ashley (over 47,000 homes), inviting them to attend.  So what can you do to help make this Sunday a success?

  1. Pray!  Pray for the people you are inviting and for all the people our church is inviting (the postcard & social media).  Pray for people to come to know Jesus.  Pray for me & my message.  Pray for our staff and volunteers.  Beg God to draw people to Himself through our church.
  2. Invite!  Make it a personal goal to invite and bring so many people.  Send emails.  Send personal messages on facebook and other social media.  Share our Facebook posts.  Make a phone call.  Walk across the street or hallway.
  3. Welcome!  Go out of you way to speak to & welcome all of our guests (or anyone you don’t know).  Help us treat everyone as our welcome, expected guests in our home.  Remember, guests are GIFTS from God!  Help us treat everyone that way!
  4. Consider serving!  A new series & new people mean we need more and more volunteers.  If you’re not already serving somewhere, it’s time to start!  Our 1st Impressions Team is a great place to get started.  Give Chris Ranew our 1st Impressions LIFE Team Leader a call or send him an email – 706-941-2044, chrisranew@gmail.com.  Our Children’s Ministry is also a great place to serve on Sunday morning.  Call Janet, our Children’s Ministry Leader or send her an email – 843-442-8299, janet@coastalcommunitychurch.org.
  5. Give.  Special Days incur special expenses.  Come prepared to give generously.  Or better yet, you can give any time using any of the different ways we have to give at Coastal – our website, texting (843-277-8337), or our app.
  6. 4 More Things to Consider on the day of the “Big Day” itself.  Parking:  the farther away you park, the better!  Please park at Oakland and save the closer parking for guests.  Service times:  the key is come to the service that your guests are coming to.  If it doesn’t matter to you, please come to the 11:15am service.  BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT, whatever service you attend, come early!  Everything goes smoother (Child Check-In, coffee, getting a seat, helping our guests) when you come a little earlier.   Seating:  PLEASE sit to the front and center of each section.  This makes more room for people as they come in.  And finally, everyone PLEASE FILL OUT A CONNECT CARD!   

Whew!  I think that’s about it!  Sunday is going to be AWESOME!  Most importantly, people are going to come to Jesus!  Like I’ve said Coastal, let’s pray and beg God like it all depends on Him.  But then let’s work, invite, and share like it all depends on us.  Then let’s walk by faith, trust God with the results, and celebrate the outcome!  

Pastor ChrisHere are this week’s “Friday 5”:

  1. Coastal has a large, growing, active, and life changing Ministry called MOPS – Mother’s of Preschoolers.  They meet at the church on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday every month during the school year.  They have a huge need that you might be interested in meeting or know someone who would.  They are looking for people interested in helping with childcare.  The childcare workers serve from 9:15am to 11:30am and are paid $20.  If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Carol Wessell at 843-725-8670 or carolwessel@hotmail.com.
  2. New to Coastal?  Join us THIS Sunday, February 10th in the Welcome Center, immediately following the 11:15am service for our next Newcomers Reception.  This is a great way to learn more about Coastal, meet staff and key volunteers, as well as meet some other new people.  Pizza and childcare provided.  RSVP online or respond to this email.
  3. LIFE Groups start this Sunday, February 10th!  It’s still not too late to sign up for a Group.   There are 3 different ways to sign up for a LIFE Group at Coastal, but you only have to sign up one time/one way.  You can sign up on your Connect Card, at the LIFE Group Tables in the back of our auditorium, or online from our website.  Go to our website, check out the catalog, and sign up for a LIFE Group today!
  4. Coastal is hosting a Marriage Seminar – Friday & Saturday, February 22nd-23rd.  The cost is $100 per couple/$50 per individual.  Meals and Childcare are included.  The Conference is open to the anyone in the community, so feel free to invite someone to join you!  See our website for schedule and details ($50 deposit due now).  You can sign up on your Connect Card or from our website online!  We ARE providing childcare during the Marriage Seminar
  5. We ARE providing childcare during the Marriage Seminar.  If you are not attending the seminar, we are looking for about 8 people for this position. The pay is $10 an hour. The times would be: Friday, Feb. 22, 5:45-9:00PM & Saturday, Feb. 23, 7:45AM-12:00PM.  Dinner and breakfast will be provided for the children & Child Care Providers.  We will also have a schedule of games, activities, etc. for the children during each session.  If you are interested, please reach out to Janet Rollins at janet@coastalcommunitychurch.org or 843-442-8299.

P.S. As a part of “The Vow” series, on Sunday, February 24th, we’re giving all married couples during both services an opportunity to renew their wedding vows.  And then, immediately after both services that Sunday we’re going to have our version of a “wedding reception” outside underneath a tent complete with cake, pictures, music, and food trucks!  It’s going to be quite a Sunday to remember!  The whole series is going to be awesome!  Invite and bring a friend!