Dear Coastal,

Make sure you check out our new website!  Our old website, though nice & effecient, was just that – a little old.  It was time for an update.  The new website is brighter & cleaner with a few new features and the potential to add others that we will need.  There are also several “behind the scenes” features that you wouldn’t notice.  It’s more secure.  It’s a WordPress site which makes the CMS (content management system) more manageable.  And yes, don’t worry, we will be adding more up to date pictures of our people and events.  That simply takes time.

This Sunday, March 2nd, we kick off a new series called, “Hello, My Name Is.”  We’re going to be looking at some of the lesser known characters in the Bible and how their stories intersect with ours and what their lives can teach us.

We’re going to kick off the series with something called, “Nametag Sunday.”  As you come into the service this week, there will be tables with sharpies and nametags!  We’re asking everyone to please wear a nametag!  It will be a fun way to kick off the series and a great way to invite your friends – because everyone is going to feel like a guest!  And who knows?  You might just meet someone new and remember their name!  So pray – invite – bring!

Here are 5 more things I want you to know about:

  1. Our Children’s Director, Janet Rollins, is putting together a VBS Planning Team!  If you are interested in helping to plan and organize VBS this year, shoot Janet an email and let her know –!
  2. Parking!  One of the growing pains of a growing church is parking.  Very soon, instead of just greeting people, our 1st Impressions people in the parking lot (large field) will actually be directing traffic.  I need you to help the process by doing a couple of things.  One, follow their direction.  Two, please start parking along the tree line in the large field or over at Oakland Elementary School.  No on at Coastal has “their spot.”  We gladly, willingly give up our spots to make room for others.
  3. Prayerfully consider making a contribution to your “All In” Campaign commitment on Easter Sunday!  If you are new to Coastal and would like more information about our New Building Campaign, check the box on the back of your Connect Card or respond to this email.
  4. Attention all Students & Parents of Students:  Deposits ($100) for Student Llife Summer Camp are due this Sunday!  Camp dates are June 16-20 at Wake Forest University.  See Pastor Scott for more information.
  5. The Peru Summer Mission Trip (June 21-28) deposit ($500) is due this Sunday!  If you don’t have the deposit or are new, but interested in going, please see Pastor Scott for more information.

Have a great weekend!  See you and your friends on Sunday!

Always & Forever All In!

Pastor Chris