We announced it two weeks ago and now it’s here – your pathway to financial freedom!  Our church has purchased a site license for something called, “Dave Ramsey+”.  What that means is that starting today you have access to ALL of Dave Ramsey’s best selling resources and tools FREE for 1 year!  This includes 5 classes (Financial Peace, Legacy Journey, Smart Money Smart Kids, the Jump Start Course and a new Budgeting course), the Everydollar+ budgeting tool, and a host of other resources designed to help families track their progress through the baby steps.  If you were to sign up for this on your own it would cost $130.  NOT NOW!  All of that and more will be FREE for our entire church!  You’ll have access to everything for an entire year at your own pace, on your own schedule.  Simply go to this linkand sign up today!

We see this as an investment in you, your finances, and your future!  It’s also a way to practically express our generosity and love toward you and our community and to be a real source of help.  Think about it – what if you had gone into the “shutdown” debt free and with money in the bank?  What if you could have hope for your life, including your finances? That’s what Dave Ramsey+ is all about – giving you a plan and hope so you can experience financial peace.

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am.  And more importantly, I hope you’ll sign up and access the material.  We want to be known as a generous church and we also want to do everything we can to equip our church and community to experience true financial peace in these difficult times! 

Again, here is the link:  https://www.financialpeace.com/hosts/coastalcommunity?pc=94671724

I Love You & I Love Being Your Pastor!
Pastor Chris

P.S. We are offering a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Virtual LIFE Group (sign up today!) this semester.  You’ll watch the videos on your own and then each week (Tuesday’s at 7pm) we’ll meet together on Zoom for discussion and accountability.  But this year, all the resources are FREE!  However, you don’t have to sign up for the Group to have access to all the material.