Friday’s Five – 8-28-15

Dear Coastal,

Last week I changed the title of my Friday Email to “From My Heart To Yours” to see if more people would read it.  I’m not sure if it worked or not but I did get an email response from someone who said that they do read my emails (not always on Friday), but when they saw the new title they read it immediately thinking someone died.

This past Sunday, we had 500 people in attendance – no “Big Day”, no special event, no Holiday service – just a regular Sunday with 500 in attendance!  Wow!  I can’t wait to see what happens this Fall!  I can’t wait to see what happens when we move into our new building!  Keep inviting!  Keep reaching out!  Keep loving!  Keep serving!  Keep working like it all depends on us, pray like it all depends on God, walk by faith, and then let’s trust God with the results!  Numbers ARE important, but each number represents a real PERSON!

This Sunday is LIFE Group Sunday!  During and between each service you’ll have a chance to go and browse the LIFE Group Tent, enjoy great snacks, meet Leaders, register for a LIFE Group, and vote for your favorite display!  It’s a lot of fun – you won’t want to miss it!  Online registration is available now.

We’re kicking off a new series called “Game On!” on September 20th!  Pull out all the stops, do whatever it takes and invite and bring your friends to church on that day!  Yes, it’s a sports/football theme so wear your favorite team jersey/shirt!  The big idea of the series is that God wants to use you!  You will learn how to fulfill God’s mission for your life by serving others and giving your life to something bigger than yourself.  You will learn how to make a difference in your family, our community, our church and in the world.  It’s going to be a great series to help prepare our whole church for all of the changes and growth coming with our new facility this Fall.

One of the fun things that we want to do on that day is have a “Tailgating Competition”!  We’d like to have a minimum of a dozen different entries.  We will set it up out on the front lawn of the church.  Back up your truck (if you have one), put up your tent, and set out your food!  We will give away a grand prize for best overall Tailgating Experience.  We want people to go all out and be as elaborate as possible in rooting for their favorite sports team!  It will be a great way to invite and bring our friends and a great way to fellowship and feed people between and after services.  Please respond to this email or sign up on your Connect Card on Sunday if you’d like to participate.

Here are 5 other things to remember:

  1. Don’t forget to let us know how many chairs you/your family intend to buy for the new building.  We’re asking everyone to buy a chair for every member of their family and the friends they will invite.  Chairs need to be paid in full by the beginning of October.  Cost – $50 per chair.  Please desginate your gift “chairs.”  You can pay for the chairs on Sunday mornings, online, or through TEXTing.  Right now we still need about 100 chairs.
  2. There will only 2 Services on Labor Day weekend, Sunday, September 6th (8:45am & 10:15am).
  3. Our regular Student Ministry 6.2.SIX kicks off the school year with a Back to School Bash on Wednesday night, September 9th!  There will be FUN, FOOD, & GAMES!  You, your 6th-12th Grade Student, and their friends won’t want to miss it!
  4. Interested in formalizing your commitment to Coastal and officially becoming a Member of our church family?  Our next Membership Class is Monday night, September 14, 6pm-9pm.  Childcare and refreshments provided.
  5. Our last Beach Baptism Service of the year will be on Saturday, September 26th at 11am at Folly Beach County Park.  Respond to this email or let us know on your Connect Card if you want to get Baptized.

All In!

Pastor Chris

P.S.  If you are a nursing mom or have a crying baby, we want you to know that there is a room available to you right off of our Nursery with the service “piped in.”

Friday’s Five – 8-7-15

Dear Coastal,

This past Sunday was so incredible!  We baptized 14 people in the ocean at Folly Beach!  I think we’ve baptized right at 38 people so far in the past 7 months!  Each and every person has such an awesome story. That we get to be a small part of it, is so overwhelming.

One of my favorite stories from Sunday’s baptism was little Emily White.  Emily is 8 years old.  Her family has been coming to Coastal for about 7 years.  2 years ago Emily’s dad, Delma, passed away.  I baptized Delma at Folly Beach about 5 years ago.  Just before the Baptism on Sunday, Emily’s mom, Melissa, spread some of Delma’s ashes in the ocean.  It was very powerful to say the least.

In my message this past Sunday, I talked about how all of heaven and all of the angels throw a big party when one lost sinner comes home and the church ought to reflect that.  I’d like to think that Delma was partying in heaven watching his little girl get baptized!  Keep it up Coastal!  Keep loving!  Keep serving!  Keep sharing!  Keep inviting!

We have 11 people from Coastal leaving on a Missions Trip today to Peru (Michael Wright, Jennifer Smith-Glover, Pam Gross, Ben Bargiel, Gracie Beechler, Ryan Spell, Eve/Kaycee/Kristal Blumenstock, Heather Olson, Anna Projanowska + Scott Huff and Pam’s neice).  Among the many wonderful adventures and opportunities they will experience, they will be serving at the New Life Children’s Home, a ministry of Pastor Mike Kennedy and Peru Missions. Please keep them, their trip, and their families in your prayers. Pray for LIFE change – theirs and the lives of the people they will serve.

Here are 5 other things to remember:

  1. The final Summer Event for our Student Ministry (6th-12th Grade) is a night at Frankie’s Fun Park on Wednesday, August 12th, 6-9pm!  They will be meeting at Frankie’s Fun Park – 5000 Ashley Phosphate Rd, North Charleston.  Cost:  Parents/students can go to this link to find out pricing for each attraction. There is no admission cost, you just pay per attraction. All of the activities and prices are found on the attached link.
  2. Charleston County Schools begin Monday, August 17th!  Please keep all of our Teachers, Students, and Parents in your prayers!  Pray especially for Oakland Elementary School our Community Partner!  We LOVE Oakland!
  3. If you are leading a LIFE Group this semester, Julie needs all of your Group Info turned in ASAP!  Study Name, Leaders Names, Email/phone #, Day/Time/Location, Childcare Y/N, 2-3 sentence description of LIFE Group Studay.
  4. There is a mandatory LIFE Group Leader Training on Saturday, August 22nd, 10am-Noon for all Leaders & Assistants.  Childcare and light refreshments provided.
  5. Our regular Student Ministry 6.2.SIX kicks off the school year with a Back to School Bash on Wednesday night, September 9th!  There will be FUN, FOOD, & GAMES!  You, your 6th-12th Grade Student, and their friends won’t want to miss it!


Pastor Chris

P.S.  Don’t forget to purchase “your chairs” for the new building.  Cost – $50 per chair.  Please desginate your gift “chairs.”  We’re asking everyone to buy a chair for every member of their family and the friends they will invite.

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