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This semester of Life Groups has been handed a unique opportunity. We are able to continue growing together in our faith through Online LIFE Groups by using technology during this strange time.

If you are interested in leading an Online Life Group please contact Pastor Scott at


There are five reasons to join an Online LIFE Group:
  • You need community built through relationships.
  • You will grow in your faith.
  • Prayer from others will help you through tough times and enjoy life.
  • You will meet new friends.
  • You will have fun with other people going through the same things you are.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Life Groups:

Why should I join a Life Group?

Everyone wants to CONNECT! Here at Coastal we believe as the church grows larger we must grow smaller and more intimate through Online LIFE Groups. Jump in, make some new friends, and learn more about Jesus while you’re doing it!

What happens in an Online Life Group?

Every Online LIFE Group is a little different but there are some common threads. Each group will be using technology (Zoom or similar) to facilitate their online gatherings. We are starting several new sermon-based-discussion groups that will allow group members to dive deeper into the message they heard on Sunday through our live worship experiences. Some groups are in the process of finishing up there current studies and will then move into sermon-based-discussions, but you are still free to join now. Our groups are designed to facilitate friendship, encourage discussion, help us to pray and grow in community!

How long will my Life Group last?

Our Online LIFE Groups will last at least through the duration of “social distancing”. They will begin in the coming weeks.

What if I want to attend more than one group?

You can join as many Online LIFE Groups as you want. What’s most important is that you commit to attend that group for the duration.

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*all groups will be using a study format of fellowship time, devotional/discussion time based off Sunday’s sermon, & prayer time unless another study is listed