COVID-19 Update

Due to the spread of coronavirus in our community and the call to limit exposure through public gatherings, we’ve made the decision to temporarily suspend all in-person gatherings. We believe that corporate worship is a Biblical mandate for Christians, and we want to resume in-person gatherings as quickly as possible. During this season, though, we’re excited to gather frequently through our Online Campus and other online tools.

The following is a guide to how you can stay connected with us and the rest of the Coastal community as we follow the CDC’s social distancing guidelines.

Weekly Schedule

Our Online Campus is currently meeting through our Sunday Worship Services at 9:30am, 11:15am, 2:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm and 8:00pm.

When you join us online, you’ll enjoy the same worship service you would experience in-person. You can also join in on an interactive, staff-hosted live chat where our members gather to discuss the message, connect with others, give, and even share prayer requests.

Coastal Kidz Online Worship
Children of all ages can now enjoy age specific Bible lessons, activities and worship. Go here to learn more.

How To Join In

There are currently 3 ways you can join the broadcasts on our Online Campus:

Visit during regular service times, and log in to join the staff-hosted live chat.

Visit our Facebook page at during regular service times and participate in the live chat in the comments.

Watch on your device or TV at Coastal’s Vimeo page.

Remember, our Online Campus gathers every Sunday, and we may host other events in this venue depending on how long the health crisis continues.

Life Groups and Other Gatherings

In-person Life Groups are suspended along with our other in-person gatherings. If you lead or are a part of an in-person Life Group, we encourage you to continue meeting digitally using tools like FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Hangouts.

If you’re a group leader and you need assistance with using these methods of technology, please email Pastor Scott.

Sign Up for Email Updates

If you would like to receive regular email updates from us, you can sign up for our mailing list by emailing Rachel.

Staying Connected

Our Online Campus will gather for live services twice a week, but there is another way that every member of our Coastal family can continue to develop and grow in their faith as an individual or family. Our entire Coastal family has unlimited access to RightNow Media and all of its Bible studies, resources, and kids’ videos. Go to RightNow Media to a create a login and password then start watching!

Get Help & Give Help

Our Coastal family is looking for ways to serve the community. Whether you need help during this crisis, or are ready to lend a helping hand, please let us know by emailing Pastor Chris Jones.

Prayer Requests

If you have a prayer request or want to actively pray for the needs of others, please email those to Ashley. You can also reach out at any time through our online connect card at the bottom of this page.

Be a Digital Missionary

While it’s easy to feel like life is on pause during an event like this, we believe that God is still at work in and through our church body. When you think of reaching your neighbors and friends, you might default to thinking of in-person discussions or asking them to attend a church event. With many concerned about coronavirus and the emergency quarantines throughout the nation, we think this is actually a great opportunity to share the hope of Christ and invite your friends to join you at our Online Campus.

A simple way to do this is to host a “Watch Party” on Facebook. This enables you to invite your Facebook friends to a private group chat interface as you watch the Sunday message together. You can get started by using the “Add to Your Post” section at the bottom of Facebook’s “What’s On Your Mind?” window, or by following Facebook’s instructions here.

A Note About Giving

If you’re a regular giver, please continue to be faithful with your generosity at Coastal. You may not know this, but in the rare event that we’ve closed for a day for an unforeseen circumstance, it’s difficult to recover from just one missed Sunday for the rest of the year. Your weekly gifts are a vital resource that allows us to continue the work that God has called us to do, and our in-person Sunday services only represent a small portion of that work. When you continue to give during this crisis, your gifts allow us to maintain critical ministries that many depend on.

You can give online at any time at, or securely by texting to 843-277-8337 with the amount you wish to give (example: 50 or $100). Thank you so much for your faithfulness to give!