Meet the Staff

Even though God has blessed us with a strong pastoral staff, our most valuable assets are our volunteers. In fact, it’s the volunteers who give of their time and energy that truly make Coastal the special place it is. And it will be the volunteers who are actively using their gifts in ministry, who will help us reach our God-given potential as a church.

We thank God for each of them! They are all ministers and vital parts of our ministry. Would you like to know more? With that said, we’d like for you to get to know the highly passionate staff that God has brought to Coastal.

Chris Rollins, Lead Pastor (Get to know Chris)
Christopher Rollins Jr., Band Director (Get to know Christopher)
Ryan Spell, Student Pastor, (Get to know Ryan)
Janet Rollins, Children’s Director
Julie Kelly, Administrative Assistant (Get to know Julie)
Ashley Hojnacki, Administrative Assistant (Get to know Ashley)



How is Coastal Led?

Christ is the head of the church (Eph. 1:22-23; Col. 1:18). He is the true source of all the church is and does and His glory is to be the object of every act, function and motive of the body, both individually and corporately.


We want to be a New Testament church existing for the supremacy of the name and purpose of Jesus Christ. One thing we have noticed about churches described in the New Testament is that they were led by pastor/elders.

New Testament Churches

Acts 11:30 refers to elders in connection with the church in Jerusalem. Paul and Barnabas appointed pastors/elders in every church they helped start and prayed for them (Acts 14:23). They left those churches in God’s hands with the pastors/elders as His representatives.

Shepherds and Overseers

Elders are also called shepherds (pastors) and overseers in the Scriptures. They are responsible for guarding the spiritual lives of worshippers and for making sure sound doctrine is taught in the church (Titus 1:9). They are advocates of spiritual growth in the church rather than a clearing house for decision-making. They are less like dictators or CEO’s and more like good and loving fathers.

Although the terms are used interchangeably in Scripture, the New Testament does recognize those elders “whose work is preaching and teaching” (I Timothy 5:17). Many scholars also understand the Greek construction in Ephesians 4:11 (“pastors and teachers”) to refer to one person with a two-fold function, and therefore it could be translated “teaching pastors.”

So at Coastal, the pastors are a part of the Eldership. Pastor Chris serves as the ‘mantle leader’ of his fellowship shepherds. But for accountability and encouragement, he is also in submission to the Eldership, thus walking out the redemptive tension of both leading and being in submission, while giving himself fully to his life’s work of preaching and teaching.

Practically Speaking

So what does that look like “day to day”?  We like to say that Coastal is a Pastor Led, Staff Guided, Elder Guarded, and Congregationally Gifted Church.  In other words, Pastor Chris is our Lead Pastor, making daily decisions alongside of our Staff, under the protection of our Elders (Matt Beam & David Schmidt).  Our shared goal is to equip our Congregation to use their gifts to do the work of the ministry.  Our Elders serve to mutually protect our Pastors & our Congregation.

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